S.W.G.M.A. Favorites Vol. I

The Sleeve:
105_4914 105_4915

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
The total dedication of these fine representatives of the SWGMA not only lend their time and effort to the well being of the association, they willingly display the God-given talent for the benefit of those who listen to this “our first” L.P. album. Each group has proven themselves to be dedicated, loyal, hard working, God loving Christian individuals with a genuine desire to be a witness for “Our Savior” through the avenues of Gospel Music.
Ā S.E. Lum Jr.

Personal Review:
Of course this album must start with the Gospel theme, sung by Gary Bradford! “Good Ole Gospel Music” opens this amazingly great LP! Gary is one of the most talented men in Gospel, and then he gives us this amazing song. What else can we expect from Gary? He’s great, he has talent and he is just so great. It’s followed by the Gospel Lights with “I’m Gonna Be Gone” – which is another amazing Gospel song sung by a very talented group, “this ol’ world ain’t getting better, it’s only gettin’ worse!” (Yup.) this song is so true and amazing! The Faith Singers come up next with their track “Too Many Times” – which is a classic male gospel country track, and it’s stunning, I do wish I could find more albums by all of the artists on this album. The McDonald Sisters join next with their song, “I’m Gonna Live for Jesus” – and it’s absolutely great, we definitely need more groups like them! The McDonald sisters are definitely very talented girls, and I’d love to hear more! The Kingdom Seekers join in with their track “I Wish You All Could Know Him” – the track itself is pretty good, but the lead singer keeps hitting all the high notes and I’m like “OH NO! MY SPEAKERS!” – like she gets LOUD. Like L-O-U-D loud. In my opinion, not the best way to close the A-Side.

The B-Side opens with the Ludwig Sound Orchestra & Chorus with “God’s Not Finished With Me Yet” (Doesn’t Tupac rap about that?) – I’m going to be honest, it’s that cheesy gospel you’d hear on big budget albums. Not the best, vocal wise, like the guy is talented, but he sounds more like a gameshow host. It’s followed by Jerry Irby’s “Brother Am I Happy” – which opens with a phone conversation between Jerry and Jesus, though Jesus isn’t heard, but apparently Jerry defeated Satan. Now he is going to Heaven for doing so. Oh, Jerry. I do wonder if all of these songs were recorded at Ludwig Sound? What is with Jerry’s satanic laughter? The Gilbert Brothers join in with “Where the Soul Never Dies” – which is most definitely interesting, it does have pretty good musicianship and the vocals are good, but it’s definitely not my type of Gospel music. Next up comes The McDaniels Family with “The Baptism of Jesse Taylor” – it’s pretty good, the family is quite a talented group. Next up comes the SWGMA choir, which I’d like to think is all the artists on the album singing together. The song is “Learning to Lean” – which is a pretty good way to end the album.

If you’re one of the artists featured on this album, do let me know if it was everyone singing in the choir šŸ™‚

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Gary Bradford – Good Ole Gospel Music
A2 – Gospel Lights – I’m Gonna Be Gone
A3 – Faith Singers – Too Many Times
A4 – The McDonald Sisters – I’m Gonna Live for Jesus
A5 – The Kingdom Seekers – I Wish You All Could Know Him

B1 – Ludwig Sound Orchestra & Chorus – God’s Not Finished With Me Yet
B2 – Jerry Irby – Brother Am I Happy
B3 – The Gilbert Brothers – Where the Soul Never Dies
B4 – The McDaniels Family – Baptism of Jesse Taylor
B5 – The SWGMA Choir – Learning to Lean

Ludwig Sound

Catalog Number:
LS 338

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Choir Directed & Arranged by Darrell Bledsoe

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