Joani Whitmore – “The Gospel Side of Joani / Country Love Songs by Joani

This one has been sitting in my to be reviewed pile for about 7 years, and I finally got around to playing it a few weeks back, I rated it a 4 star rating on Discogs. So, here we go again, round two with Joani Whitmore’s 1973 Country Gospel or Gospel Country album on the Artist’s Records label.

The A-Side is the Gospel side, and it starts with the song “Satisfied” and you know, Joani sure can sing, she has a wonderful singing voice and it definitely is a country voice, but she does a great Gospel song. I’m also very much enjoying the musicianship on this one. “He’s My Jesus” comes next, and it is a slower song, but it does sound nice, I do enjoy the little piano tinkling on this one. Now, this album also was arranged and directed by Vic Clay, who also had his hand in Gary Bradford’s “The Composer” – “He Touched Me” follows next, and you know, besides the name of this song it really is a nice song about the power of Christ. “Almost but Not Quite” comes next, and it’s again, a faster paced song, relaxing and quite nice. We end the A-Side with the classic “How Great Thou Art” and she delivers it nice and slowly, she does deliver the chorus beautifully, and that right there is what makes the song.

We continue on with the country side of Joani Whitmore, and she starts the B-Side with “Loves’ Gonna Live Here Again” and it’s nice, softer country song, nothing too upbeat and not too slow. It is a nice opening to the second part of this album. “Funny Face” comes next, and that’s always a nice relaxing country song to listen to, and Joani does a very nice rendition to it. She does go on to sing a cover of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land (Was Made for You and Me)” and hey, I love it. Enough said. Who are the choral sound vocal harmonizers at the end? “Your Tender Love” comes next, and it’s another slower country song, Joani sings beautifully while backed by a steel guitar, and I do wish the session musicians were credited on this one, because they sound like an amazing bunch. The album closes with the song “Happy Birthday Darling” which I assume, she probably is singing to her husband who did the liner notes on the back cover. It’s a nice little personal touch to close the album with, and boy, does Joani have a nice voice.

Overall, she still holds her 4 star rating. Good album.

Catalog Number:

Liner notes, Arranger & Director – Vic Clay
Recorded at Rubber City Sound Studios, Akron, Ohio
Manufactured by Artist’s Recording Company, Inc.

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