Bill Casolari – “Gospel… In the Universal Language”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 Crusade Enterprises proudly present the instrumental artistry of their head musician, BILL CASOLARI, and the Casolari Orchestra. The orchestra consists of 40 instruments but only ONE musician! This feat is accomplished by combining the unusual talents and versatility of Bill with modern multi-track recording equipment at Crusade Studios. You will marvel at the quality and invention embodied in this production, and no religion record collection is complete without this album.

 This master tape was made at Crusade Studios, Flora, Illinois. A variety of solid state equipment was employed to accomplish this totally professional sound product: Neaumann Mikes, MCI Console, Teletronix Compressors, MCI 
Equalizers, Allison Kepex, Cooper Time Cube, AKG Reverb, Dolby A Noise Reduction Systems and topped by M-79 Recorders by 3M. Arrangements and instrumental artistry by Bill Casolari, employing multi-track taping techniques to accomplish the full orchestral sound; lead instruments, rhythm, percussion, brass, woodwinds, strings, special effects, etc.

Personal Review:
 To be extremely fair, Bill Casolari is one of the most talented men in the music industry, he does almost all of the backing musicianship and most of the Crusade releases, he does the mixing and the engineering. Him and Ray Harris had a good thing going when Crusade was big.

 The album opens with the medley “One of These Days / I Have That Feelin’” and although the song is an instrumental, you can definitely hear where the vocal pieces would fit if there were any, and the musicianship is absolutely beautiful. After that comes the song “Come with Me” and it’s another beautifully conducted piece, and it’s amazing to hear all of this wonderful one man orchestra, and you know, with the cover you get to put a face to man behind the music of Crusade. “A Rich Man Am I” follows next, and we’re just rolling on with these amazing instrumental pieces, it’s sad that I cannot name all the instruments, but so far this one is my favorite piece on the album. After that comes the song “God’s Love” and I love all the organ playing and guitar playing (I named two instruments!). After that comes the song “The Baptism of Jesse Taylor” and well, it’s a song I know very well, and it’s a rather nice song too, and it kind of reminds me of one of Richard Miller’s instrumentals, it’s really good. The A-Side closes with the Bill Casolari written track, “The Busy Christian” and you know, once more, it’s not a bad track at all, it just makes me wonder what this album would be like as a vocal album. So many great orchestrations on this one.

 The B-Side opens with “I Believe He Died for Me” which at first I thought it was “To God Be the Glory” but it’s not, but it is however still a really, really great song, and Bill is still very, very talented. “The New 23rd” comes next, and it opens with an instrument, I know the sound of, but not the name, I’m thinking it’s most likely a trumpet. But I’m not 100% sure, nonetheless, it’s still pretty good. “Something Good is About to Happen” comes next, and well, we’re continuing on with good instrumentals, I’m really trying to pinpoint all the instruments, but have no luck whatsoever. “I Find No Fault in Him” comes next, and well this one definitely is an amazing orchestration, you know, maybe a little bit of backing vocals would’ve been cool too. Then comes the song “A Little Taste of Heaven” – which was the opening track on the Ray Harris Trio’s self titled album, so there you can just put the vocals in. Well, if you heard the song / album. The album closes with the track “Through it All” which is just an amazing song as it is, but Bill’s orchestration makes it twice as great. All in all, a pretty good album – some vocalization would’ve made it better, but I’m not complaining.

Interesting Facts:
Verne – Best to you a fine all-around vocalist, yours – Bill

Track Listing:
A1 – Medley
 i – One of These Days
 ii – I Have That Feelin’
A2 – Come With Me
A3 – A Rich Man Am I
A4 – God’s Love
A5 – The Baptism of Jesse Taylor
A6 – The Busy Christian

B1 – I Believe He Died for Me
B2 – The New 23rd
B3 – Something Good is About to Happen
B4 – I Find No Fault in Him
B5 – A Little Taste of Heaven
B6 – Through It All

Wine Skin Records

Catalog Number:
LP S 259-10

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Engineers – Ray Harris & Bill Casolari
Mix-Down & Engineering – Bill Casolari
Photography – W.D. Zehr, Champaign, IL

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“My Tribute”

Other Albums I Own that Bill Casolari Appears On:
Most of the Crusade releases



  • John Johnston says:

    I recorded two albums in 1979 & 1980 at Crusade with Bill. Nice to come across this!

  • Michelle Buck says:

    Looking for anyone from The Blessed Hope Singers.
    Steve Price
    Mary Price
    Beth Moore
    Vicki Pollard

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