Richard & Gail Miller – “Richard & Gail Miller Sing the Gospel of Love”

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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
Richard Miller and Gail Goodmon met the summer of 1967 at one of Richard’s personal appearances in an evangelistic service, in Memphis, Tennessee. Miss Goodmon did not say a word to Richard at that time; as a matter of fact, she was with another guy! However, the Lord had His hand in their meeting at the samce place, and brought Richard back to the same BAPTIST BIBLE FELLOWSHIP church for a week’s revival. Miss Goodmon and her family were faithful to services every night, and this time the Lord put them “on speaking terms.” They began to come to know eachother by writing and telephone conversations after Richard left the meeting, and it was during this time that Gail surrendered her life to the mission field. They only saw each other when Richard’s travels would take him through Memphis, and on one such occasion, May 3, 1968, Richard stuttered and stammered and asked Miss Goodmon to become Mrs. Richard Miller. He had a convertible as her personal car then (and a 24-foot WINNEBAGO Motor Home in which his travels were made), so Richard laughs and says his convertible was what persuaded Gail to marry him. Of course, it was quite a decision to make, but Gail says this was the man God wanted her to have, so “there was no decision to make.” A person does not always seek the Lord’s will in such matters, however, and the fact that Gail did so is evidence of her relationship with God. “We would like to thank Bill Monroe and Bobby Clarke on the staff of The Indianapolis Baptist Temple and Herman Morrison of BAPTIST BIBLE COLLEGE, Springfield, Missouri, for their background work on this album. All of the songs have the word “LOVE” in them. With so much love between Richard & Gail, how much more God must love the world to give His only begotten Son so man who believes in Him should not perish…”
 God is also a God of righteous judgement, as Hebrews 9:27 says “It is appointed unto man once to die, and then the judgement.” We will stand before this One who will not be a God of Love then, but God the Judge, and give an account of every idle word and deed – just what we’ve done with His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. At that moment we will be eternally seperated from God for our rejection of Christ, or we wiill “…enter into the joys of the Lord.”
These will be on seperate occasions, 1007 years apart. But no there would have been no substitute for our sins had it not been for this God of Love.

 Richard Dale Miller was born November 28, 1942 in Dallas County, Texas, without hands and feet. Yet he plays the organ and guitar, many songs on this album with the organ and a guitar instrumental. This is a God-given talent, as he has formal music or voice lessons. Richard has written many songs, putting the words to the verse of “IT WAS LOVE” on this album.
He is a 1966 graduate of The University of Texas, receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, training in Law School. Richard was saved while a Senior, at age of 20, using the guitar in country-western music. The government does not consider him handicapped for assistance.

 Wanda Gail Miller was born November 24, 1950 in Memphis Tennessee, normal both physically and mentally. She is 5’0″, weighing 85 lbs., formerly a happy Goodmon. Gail is a 1968 graudaute of Westwood High School in Memphis, saved when she was six years old. Richard and Gail were married August 10, 1968, and she travels with Richard to all his evangelistic meetings. They are the parents of a perfectly normal little girl born November 30, 1969.
“After graduation I planned to enter Business School as a 2nd-year student. However, in December of 1967 I felt the Lord was calling me to some type of mission work. Later Richard asked me to share his life, and with all my heart I believe his ministry is my mission field.”

Personal Review:
 So, Richard Miller, Little Richard Miller – Born Without Arms or Legs. Richard has recorded so many albums (Or so the Internet tells me, I’ve personally only seen a few, Most of which I own. I’m only missing two.) This is one of his two KNOWN duet albums, this one is recorded with his wife, Gail. (The other, recorded in 1973, with Glenda Lee Day “Dixie Echoes (’66)”)

 Anyways, onto the music. So, the A-Side opens with the Track “Because He Loves Me” which is him and his wife, singing, I find she doesn’t appear on the the LP as much as she should, but that is something I find quite common with well known Gospel singers who record duets with their wives, (Seen it on “Unity” by Ken & LuAnn Snyder, as well as “Chuck & Enid” by Chuck & Enid Olson.) Anyways, I do find this album to be a stronger vocal point for Richard as compared to “Jesus Use Me“, “Richard Miller Sings and Plays Gospel Favorites” (Which is basically ‘Jesus Use Me‘) and “The Assassination of JFK“. So, from what history tells us, Richard has a God-given talent to play instruments even with a lack of arms, legs and vocal/instrumental training, but yet he does both so very well. It can be heard in the instrumentals of this LP. I do enjoy the track on the A-Side called “Heavenly Love”, it’s an upbeat track which is just a solo by Richard, the song “For God So Loved” is mainly Gail singing, Richard is there, but not as prominent as in the other tracks, so you get to hear Gail’s vocal talents, now I’m unsure whether or not Gail had any vocal or music training, but I do know, she does have a great voice for Southern Gospel.
Flip that record baby, we’re on the B-Side now! The B-Side opens with some heavy organ playing and it goes into the traditional Southern Gospel tone. My Favorite track is Richard Miller’s rendition (and I do mean his rendition as he did re-write some of the lyrics) “A Crippled Boy’s Prayer (To a God of Love)”, I find that Richard really gets the song across on a meaningful level, and expresses his feelings well in the lyrics. It’s followed by the organ instrumental by Richard titled “Love Lifted Me” – which in my opinion is another strong point.
Anyways, time for personal reflection to the album! I saw this on eBay some time ago, and it was going for only $15.99! Wow! (Of course, with my poor luck – I didn’t get it for that) in the final moments of bidding I was outbid, but luckily for me, the buyer cut me a deal and sold me it for $70! 😀

Track Listing:
A1 – Because He Loves Me
A2 – It Was Love
A3 – All That I Am Because of God’s Love
A4 – When God Dips His Love In My Heart
A5 – Heavenly Love
A6 – For God So Loved

B1 – So Many Reasons Why I Love the Lord
B2 – Love is Why
B3 – A Crippled Boy’s Prayer to a God of Love
B4 – Love Lifted Me (Organ Instrumental)
B5 – Love Held Him to the Cross
B6 – The Love of God

Interesting Fact:

Gail Miller, wife of Richard. Beautiful.

MGN Records

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Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
None Listed.

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Jesus is On My Side / The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
Jesus is On My Side / I Know the Lord Will Make a Way for Me”
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    I just wanted to see if your still singing I have your vinyl JESUS USE ME and my wife had never heard of you before now she’s asking me to see if you have any other albums for sale or cd’s
    I hope our Lord has been good to you as he has to me he truly is wonderful…..
    Please let me know I really appreciate your love of music
    and God……………………Russell moore

  • Tanya Miller Cross says:

    From the “perfectly normal little girl,” thank you for this review. 🙂

    Mr. Moore, unfortunately no, he has not sang in many, many years. There are other albums out there from his earlier years, but they are hard to find.

  • Ann thorpe says:

    I was a friend of Richards for years , I last spoke to him in January just before his tragic death. As far as I know he hadn’t recorded in years. It was nice to see a response from his daughter. Ann thorpe

  • Linda Stellman Holt says:

    Does my heart good to run across all these kind words about Richard Miller. He is/was my uncle. I had so much fun growing up near him and he was always such an inspiration to me when things were tough. He was my hero then. If you see this…hello Tanya! I met your mom, Gail, I think only once…we got in trouble because she wanted me to teach her how to do her makeup like mine…Uncle Richard didn’t like it but we had some chuckles over that. So very sorry and saddened to hear of his death, especially in this way. Love to all.

  • Jim Denman says:

    I met Richard when I was six or seven years old when he came to our little church in Indiana. He first came, traveling with his dad, Arli. He came to our house and would play with me and wrestle with me. I loved him! Later I remember him coming for another revival and meeting his wide Gail. She was very sweet and nice. I used to sing “The Fire Came Down” and Crippled Boy” and would listen to his records. I was very impressed and amazed by him and had wondered if he was still alive. Very sad to hear about what happened to him! I have wondered how things were with him the last few years and if he and Gail were still together? His can do attitude and upbeat personality sure made a positive impact on me. I’ll never forget him.

  • Tanya Miller Cross says:

    Linda….hi! Your comment about the makeup made me laugh…I can see Dad getting upset about that! Thank you for your kind words about him. I’m glad he’ll be remembered for his amazing abilities, despite his limitations (although in his mind, he didn’t have any!). He is now whole, without pain, and singing with the angels…I can imagine it’s just beautiful! His earthly remains are buried next to his mother just outside of Temple, Tx, if you wanted to know.

    Jim…thank you also for your kind words and sharing memories of my dad. “The Crippled Boy” has always been one of my favorites, among others…I played that one when he was buried. It just seemed fitting! I remember a house we had in Indiana, but I was very young so my memories from there are limited. I do remember that I always liked going there between our travels!

  • James Taylor says:

    Meet Richard in Clarksdale Mississippi in the early 70’s in a week long meeting at Trinity Baptist Church I just found out of Richard’s passing. I have my old KJ Bible with his remarkable signature
    It is a cherished possession. I look at it quite often and I can visualize him at the organ. It was my privilege to be with him to try to help him but I found out real quick that he didn’t need any help from me. Knowing him has encouraged me for 50 years in the ministry His ministry continues through mine and many others that he helped

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