Gary (Dee) Bradford – “Gary Dee Bradford Sings for You, and You, and You”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
This album is lovingly dedicated to my brother, CLIFF, JR.

 Gary is an excellent example of God’s grace turning a handicap into a super blessing. My encounter with him on an imtimate level as his vocal teacher was one of my greatest experiences doubled by an exciting challenge.
 Gary Dee’s determination plus his talent and his love for the Lord, people and Gospel music equal an outstanding, unique fellow. He has been a great inspiration to everyone he has known, and who has heard him sing.
 Gary’s discipline and stamina t achieve excellence he needed and wanted were remarkable. He has not allowed a physical handicap or persistent pain or even his very young age to stop his pursuit of following God’s will and working hard toward his goals. He is already contributing greatly through his music and testimony.
 God, Gary, and his wonderful mother, Jean, have made a fantastic team presenting the gospel in a way that penetrates the soul of every listener to bring them closer to God’s love and grace.
 God gave a song to Gary, and he shares it with his sweet, beautiful voice. He us fast becoming an outstanding true artist in communicating the message of Christ through music.
 I heartily recommend Gary Bradford to you. You will understand after listening to this album. Each song is a compelling and stirring gem of gospel power. Listen and let them be to you constant remind of God’s power, present and love. You too, will never be the same.

Jerry R. Duffer
Minister of Music
First Baptist Church,
League City, Texas

Personal Review:
Well, firstly, I know Gary – and he’s a pretty great guy, secondly this is his first of many albums – so here we go.

 So, the album opens with Gary singing “One Day at a Time” and for someone at his age, he sings pretty darn good, and you know, he grew up to be a pretty great singer – anyways, this is an excellent opening song for Gary on his first album. Then comes the song “Through it All” which is another great track and a personal favorite of mine. Then comes the song “Because He Lives” and you know what three songs in, and Gary is amazing! I love this song and Gary’s vocals were already superb at such a young age! Gary is a terrific singer. Then comes the track “Let Me Be There” and it’s a pretty good song, definitely love the musicianship and the steel guitar playing, after that the A-Side ends with the track “There is a River” which is a good way to end the A-Side. On a positive note.

 The B-Side opens with one of my all time favorite Gospel tracks, “Ten Thousand Years” – which opens with some pretty great guitar playing and piano, and Gary joins in on singing, and he delivers one great version of this track. I love Gary’s high notes too, those are pretty great. Then comes the song “If it Keeps Gettin’ Better” and this is a song I’ve only heard on Gary’s album, and it’s a pretty wonderful track, and I love the happy piano playing with Gary’s singing. The song slows down a bit near the end, in kind of an Elvis style take on the end of the song. It’s then followed by the Gospel ballad “The Blood Will Never Lose it’s Power” and it’s performed wonderfully by Gary, he then follows up with the well known Gospel hit, “He Touched Me” and once more Gary delivers another powerful song with many high notes, and it’s a wonderful song. Then after that comes the song “Get All Excited” (and not the Joyce Drake version) – and Gary delivers this fast paced song so beautifully, Gary is such a talented singer! The album ends with the song “How Great Thou Art” and it’s another wonderful example of Gary’s vocals, and it is such a great way to end the album, when Gary hits those high notes and once more proves how great of a vocalist he is. Excellent album.

Track Listing:
A1 – One Day at A Time
A2 – Through it All
A3 – Because He Lives
A4 – Let Me Be There
A5 – There is a River

B1 – Ten Thousand Years
B2 – If it Keeps Gettin’ Better
B3 – The Blood Will Never Lose it’s Power
B4 – He Touched Me
B5 – Get All Excited
B6 – How Great Thou Art

Cherub Productions

Catalog Number:
LP – 1001

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Recorded at: The Studio in the Country – Gospel Division, Bogalusa, LA. 70427
Piano: Larry Nastasi
Bass Guitar: Mike Bennett
Lead & Steel Guitar: Larry Lott
Drums: Ray Black
Engineer: Bill evans
Color Photography: Donald Lum
Art-Design: Thomas Mixon & Jean Bradford

Other Albums I Own by Gary Dee Bradford:
The Composer / The Composer (Instrumental)

Appears on:
S.W.G.M.A. Favorites, Vol. I – “Good Ole Gospel Music”


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