Kelly & Kathy – “Lowell Mason Presents Kelly and Kathy”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 “We, The Lowell Mason Family, would like to thank you very much for purchasing this album. After many, many requests by our Christian friends across America, we have recorded KELLY and KATHY singing together on a couple of their favorite arrangements. At the time of this recording, in September 1970, Kelly was 5 years old and Kathy was 4. Our entire family travels year round, singing in church concerts, revival meetings, and also appears on the weekly national TV program of “Revival Fires.” The girls are enrolled in correspondence school, and “Momma” Judy is the teacher.
 Because you have purchased this album, you will be helping the Mason kids prepare for their future education. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the sale of this recording goes into a special fund for their education.
 Please remember to pray for our family as we travel. We can feel the power of your prayers as we go.

Personal Review:
So, to start this one off, let me start by introducing the man who is introducing Kelly & Kathy, the man being Lowell Mason, for those who don’t know who Lowell Mason is, he is widely known as the “Singing Midget” or “Little Lowell”. Anyways, so this record is by his two daughters, Kelly & Kathy.
Let’s start.
So, track one “Thanks to Calvary (I Don’t Live Here Anymore)” is sung by Lowell Mason, I was expecting to hear two little girls singing, (nope!) I got Lowell Mason singing, (not that I mind! Just not sure if the album should be labeled as Lowell Mason or not…) The song, overall is a rather good song, slow, but I thoroughly enjoy Bill Casolari’s piano playing. The next song, also by Lowell, is “This Ole House” – which is more upbeat and fun, not as slow as the previous track. The next track is “Oh How I Love Jesus” is actually sung by the girls, for little girls, they’ve got talent. Though, I prefer Lowell singing, the girls are good though. The next track is “For God So Loved”, and Lowell goes back to doing the slow songs, which is cool. (I wonder if it is the Crusaders of Illinois on the backing vocals?) and finally, the closing track is “God Bless America” (I’m almost positive Lowell sings this on the album “Lowell Mason & The Crusaders of Illinois Sing for God & Country” – not 100% sure!) nevertheless, I do love this song, and the way Lowell delivers it. That my friends, concludes the A-Side. Time to flip this bad boy over!

The B-Side! So, the B-Side opens with song “Jesus is Coming Soon”, it’s a good song, once again, Lowell Mason delivers another amazing song. (Just so you know, this song goes “Jesus is coming soon, morning or night or noon, many will meet their doom. Trumpets will rise! All the dead will rise…” – I seem to have a soft for songs about the coming of Jesus.) The following song is “Oh Happy Day” (and no, it’s not this version) still good though! Then the next song is “I Shall Not Be Moved” which is sung by Kelly & Kathy – I do prefer it over their song on the A-Side. “Time Has Made a Change” comes up next, sung by Lowell. Lowell has a very distinct voice, I do like it – quite a bit! The B-Side closes with the amazing track “Old Time Religion” – and it’s an excellent example of Lowell’s vocal talents. He can do slow baritone, or fast baritone! Holy gosh. That closing note. Excellent!

So, the Lowell Mason Family still ministers to this day, and yup… that’s it!
God Bless them!

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Thanks to Calvary (I Don’t Live Here Anymore)
A2 – This Ole House
A3 – Oh How I Love Jesus (Sung by Kelly & Kathy)
A4 – For God So Loved
A5 – God Bless America

B1 – Jesus is Coming Soon
B2 – Oh Happy Day
B3 – I Shall Not Be Moved (Sung by Kelly & Kathy)
B4 – Time Has Made a Change
B5 – Old Time Religion

Crusade Records & Enterprises

Catalog Number:
LP 4204

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Vocal Assistance by Berdella McGrew & Kristal Aldrich
Assisting Crusade Musicians: Bill Casolari, Berdella McGrew
Master Tape recorded at Crusade “Sonic Sound” Studios
Recording Engineer – Ray Harris

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