Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – “Hypnotic Eye”

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Personal Review:
 So, Tom Petty is definitely one of my top five favorite musicians – I love most, if not all of his work – though I hadn’t known he had released a new album until just recently. So, here it is.

 The album opens with the song “American Dream Plan B” which definitely has a lot of bass, and doesn’t have the usual Tom Petty vibe to it, but it’s not bad, especially with the line “and I can’t dance for shit” then the chorus comes along, and well, it’s actually a pretty good song – the guitar playing is especially great. Even that nice little guitar solo. After that comes the song “Fault Lines” which comes right on, not much of a track break and now this sounds like the Tom Petty I know and love, but hey, it’s a pretty good track. I like it. Then we go onto the song “Red River” I’m really digging this whole album for the musicianship, though the lyrics on this song are really great, different but great. “Full Grown Boy” comes next, and you know, this isn’t exactly the Tom Petty I remember, but these songs aren’t completely bad or anything – but this song just isn’t hitting it with me. “All You Can Carry” comes next, and we’re back to more of the rock sounding songs, not like that last song. This is a good one though. Fun fact, all the songs, except “Fault Lines” were written by Tom Petty. Anyways, I’m definitely a huge fan of the guitar playing in these songs. Then the comes “Power Drunk” which opens with the line “Who’s gonna come and take this badass down?” – that’s definitely a way to open the last song on the A-Side, I’m really loving the bass on this album.

 The B-Side immediately goes into some amazing jamming with the song “Forgotten Man” and well, the vocals are good, lyrics are good, but I’m still all four the musicianship on this album. I’m definitely loving every minute of it. After that comes the song “Sins of My Youth” and don’t worry Tom, your youth was good – “Refugee” rocked. Anyways, the song is a slower song, kind of blah, but Tom Petty is still a great singer, and that is all that matters. “U Get Me High” comes next, and well, the song is alright, but more importantly the music rocks, and that’s what I’m here for, am I right? Then comes the song “Burnt Out Town” and I’m really questioning why this song is so bluesy sounding? And why Tom Petty didn’t sound like Tom Petty at first? It’s definitely more of a blues rock song, more than anything. “Yes, and here I am, stealing gas with a garden hose” – oh, and there is lots of harmonica playing in this song too, and Benmont Tench’s piano playing is amazing. Just saying. The album closes with the song “Shadow People” and all in all, it’s not a bad song at all, or album at that, not my typical Tom Petty album, but it was still good. So, props on that. The musicianship was the best though.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – American Dream Plan B
A2 – Fault Lines
A3 – Red River
A4 – Full Grown Boy
A5 – All You Can Carry
A6 – Power Drunk

B1 – Forgotten Man
B2 – Sins of My Youth
B3 – U Get Me High
B4 – Burnt Out Town
B5 – Shadow People

Reprise Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Vocals, Guitar, Fuzz Bass, High Bass, Lead Guitar (Right Channel) & Bass – Tom Petty
Lead Guitar – Mike Campbell
Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Mellotron & Synthesizer – Benmont Tench
Guitar, Harmonica, 12 String Guitar & Tambourine – Scott Thurston
Bass – Ron Blair
Drums & Percussion – Steve Ferrone
Fuzz Guitar – Josh Jove
Background Vocals – Ryan Ulyate
Produced by Tom Petty, Mike Campbell & Ryan Ulyate
Recorded & Mixed by Ryan Ulyate
Monitor & Recording Engineer – Greg Looper
Recorded at The Clubhouse. Los Angeles & Shoreline Recorders, Malibu
Mixed at Shoreline Recorders, Malibu & Ryan’s Place, Topanga
Crew Chief & Logistics – Alan ‘Bugs’ Weidel
Transportation – Mark Carpenter
Drum Tech – David Greene
Backline Techs – Mark Carpenter, Greg Looper, David Greene, Steve Winstead, John Bunker, Wayne Williams, Travis Weidel, Joshua Hassell & Alan Weidel
Assistant Engineers at Shoreline Recorders – Chase Simpson & Josh Jove
Art Direction – Jeri Heiden & Nick Steinhardt for Smog Design, INC.
Design – Nick Steinhardt for Smog Design, Inc.
Photography – TV Baby: Frantisek Czanner; Clouds: Pakhnyushcha; Flower Field: Elenamiv; Fault Lines: Michael Zysman

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