America – “History: America’s Greatest Hits”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 America’s greatest hits with a guy who looks like Tom Petty on the sleeve.

 The album opens with America’s greatest song, “A Horse with No Name” and everything about is amazing. The vocals, the guitar playing, it’s all really out of this world. You know, I first heard this song playing GTA: San Andreas. I think, if not, it was a GTA game for sure, and it was most likely a fun time for me. ‘Cause America has amazing guitar playing. “I Need You” comes next, and whoa, this song is pretty cool. I definitely love this song too. The vocals are superb. After that comes the song “Sandman” and it has some pretty nice guitar playing on it. It’s a pretty good song, so far all of these songs have been great. After that comes another personal favorite of mine, “Ventura Highway” and it’s a pretty good and chill song. Can we all just talk about how chill this song is? I absolutely love it. No complaints on this album yet! Then comes the song “Don’t Cross the River” and it’s a quieter, chill song – but then the chorus comes in and like it’s even more beautiful. “Only in the Heart” comes next, and it’s a pretty good way to close the A-Side. It’s a pretty good album, I like it.

 The B-Side opens with the song “Muskrat Love” and it’s an okay song, it’s easily forgettable. Then comes the song “Tin Man” and basically we’re having a turn around from the A-Side, a lot of these songs are quite forgettable. It’s rather disappointing. After that comes the song “Lonely People” which has some pretty nice guitar playing in it. After that comes the song “Sister Golden Hair” and it’s a good track, we’re slowly making a come back from those two not so good songs, with this one that has amazing drumming. So, all is good. Then we go to the song “Daisy Jane” and it starts off slow and dull, but then the chorus begins and everything is good once more. The album ends with the song “Woman Tonight” and it’s a decent way to end the album. I was expecting more at first, but only really the A-Side was good.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – A Horse with No Name
A2 – I Need You
A3 – Sandman
A4 – Ventura Highway
A5 – Don’t Cross the River
A6 – Only in Your Heart

B1 – Muskrat Love
B2 – Tin Man
B3 – Lonely People
B4 – Sister Golden Hair
B5 – Daisy Jane
B6 – Woman Tonight

Warner Brothers Records

Catalog Number:
BS 2894

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Guitar, Bass, Piano & Vocals – Gerry Beckley & Dan Peek
Guitar & Vocals – Dewey Bunnell
Produced by George Martin

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