Baby JJ – “La Perra”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
To start, there is absolutely no information on who Baby JJ is, or was. I know nothing about him, and only bought the album for the dog on the cover.
So, the album opens with the title track “La Perra” (seems a lot of the albums I’ve reviewed lately open with the title track.) – so Baby JJ, or JJ, can sing, but I don’t know Spanish so, he’s singing foreign to me. The musicianship is pretty good. The next track is “Madre Te Dedico Esta Cancion” – I do know ‘Madre’ means mother. The song is okay, for some reason, I feel this album is one that should be played while drinking. Then comes the track “Dulce Amor” – which seems to be a slower song, JJ does have the ability to sing, I’ll give him that. I’m sure this album would be a million times better if I understood Spanish. Then comes the track “Al Pie De Un Crucifijo” – which I know is about Jesus… so does this count as Gospel? It’s like over the top on emotions too. I’m slowly starting to like JJ. “El Chiflador” comes next, and it’s most definitely one of those Mexican dance tracks. I quite enjoy it! The A-Side ends with “Por El Amor A Mi Madre” – and, surprisingly, it’s not that bad!

The B-Side opens with “Los Laureles” – and it’s another happy dance track sung by JJ. I can’t get over how surprised I am by how good he is. Then comes another slow track, “Tristes Caricias” – it’s alright, JJ delivers it pretty well, I know ‘tristes’ is something to do with crying… why you crying little JJ? Then comes the track “Que Tal Si Ti Compro” – which picks up the pace a bit again, and comes off as surprisingly good. The pace is picked up once more again with the track “La Jacaranda” – I like that word, jacaranda. I have no idea what it means, but I think I will begin to call people jacaranda. (turns out, it’s a tree.) Oh well, the song is good. “Un Siglo De Amor” comes next, and it’s a pretty good track, and I like it quite a bit. The album closes with the song “La Jarochita” – and it’s a pretty solid way to end the album.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – La Perra
A2 – Madre Te Dedico Esta Cancion
A3 – Dulce Amor
A4 – Al Pie De Un Crucifijo
A5 – El Chiflador
A6 – Por El Amor A Mi Madre

B1 – Los Laureles
B2 – Tristes Caricias
B3 – Que Tal Si Te Compro
B4 – La Jacaranda
B5 – Un Siglo De Amor
B6 – La Jarochita


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Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:

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