Big Country – “The Crossing”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
So, at one point or another I heard the title track of this album either on VH1’s One Hit Wonders of the 80’s, or on some 80’s compilation album – either/or, doesn’t matter, because I think it’s a great song. Now, I’m gonna find out about the rest of the album.
So, the album opens with the song “In a Big Country” – which is just an amazing track, hell, it’s even my cellphone ringtone! Anyways, the chorus of the song is what the whole song is about, don’t believe me? Listen. Totally worth it. Then comes “Inwards” which is basically your traditional 80’s pop music, and it’s pretty good. I’m definitely digging the musicianship on this track. Then comes the track “Chance” in which the lead singer kind of comes off sounding like Bruce Springsteen in it. It’s rather neat to hear. I’m definitely in love with this album this far in. The chorus line is definitely pretty deep, “Oh lord, where did the feeling go? Oh lord, I never felt this low.” – it is then followed by “Fields of Fire” – which is a rather nice rock song, but the closing track, oh that closing track! “The Storm” closes the A-Side and my god, that is some bad ass Celtic rock! I could listen to this album all day!

The B-Side opens with “Harvest Home” – and it starts off as a pretty great track and nice way to open the B-Side. Big Country is definitely one of the better bands of the 80’s. It’s followed by “Lost Patrol” – which comes off as what could be an amazing 80’s dance pop hit, I definitely would dance to it. Then again, I dance to anything. “Close Action” comes next, it’s a bit slower than the other tracks, but still pretty good! Not really complaining here! Then comes “1000 Stars” (which I get the urge to write the title as “One Thousand Stars” – cause I’m technical like that.) it is a neat song, I most definitely love this album to the core right now. The album closes with the song “Porrohman” and if you decide to google what the title means, you’ll just get a bunch of different answers, apparently it’s something from a old book. Anyways, the musicianship is pretty damn great. The vocals are limited, but the song still makes for an awesome album close.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – In a Big Country
A2 – Inwards
A3 – Chance
A4 – Fields of Fire
A5 – The Storm

B1 – Harvest Home
B2 – Lost Patrol
B3 – Close Action
B4 – 1000 Stars
B5 – Porrohman


Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Guitars, E-Bow & Vocals – Bruce Watson
Vocals, Guitar, E-Bow & Piano – Stuart Adamson
Bass Guitars & Vocals – Tony Butler
Drums, Percussion & Vocals – Mark Brzezcki
Additional Vocals – Christine Beveridge
Produced by Steven Lillywhite
Engineered by Will Gosling
Assisted by Steve Chase & Mike Nocito
Recorded at The Manor & RAK Studios, May 1983
Photo – Paul Cox
Album Cover – J.B. & Q. Branch

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