Bob Welch – “French Kiss”

The Sleeve:
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Personal Review:
A few things about this album, firstly, I got the sleeve pictured above as a filler for another record I bought online years ago – the record was not included. I had never purchased a copy online or anything. Then a couple weeks back, I found this album at a thrift store, with the sleeve, riddled with mold. So, I bought the album, left the sleeve. Here we are today, listening to it.
So, the album opens with a personal favorite of mine, “Sentimental Lady” – and well, it is a favorite, but it’s so amazing. I definitely love this song, I swear if I ever get married this song will be the one that plays at my wedding. The chorus itself makes it worth the whole listen, “and all the things that I said that I wanted come rushing by in my head when I’m with you…” of course I won’t write the whole chorus out, but that is the best line. Next up is “Easy to Fall” – which comes out to be another amazing track, and well, I know this one too! So hey! No complaints, it’s definitely one of those tracks I could dance around to. It’s then followed by “Hot Love, Cold World” which is another good rock track, with rather great musicianship and lyrics. This album has not disappointed yet, and I bought it for only one song! The little break in “Hot Love, Cold World” threw me off though. Then comes “Mystery Train” which is another good fast track that has great musicianship and amazing lyrics, Bob definitely was a very talented guy! “Lose My Heart” comes back, and it’s a good track, and it has a nice chorus to it. I really can’t say anything negative, because this album has been far from a letdown. The A-Side ends with “Outskirts” which is a rather great way to end the A-Side, it’s far from being a bad track. Definitely worth the listen.

The B-Side opens with “Ebony Eyes” – and well, it’s another amazing Bob Welch track. There is something about Bob’s voice that I love so much, and I didn’t know he was in Fleetwood Mac, of course, I don’t have any of their albums with him on it. Then comes a quick little like 15 second song, “Lose Your…” which if you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss it. So I don’t understand why it’s there. It’s followed by “Carolene” – which makes up for that 15 second track, and makes it all the more better. Bob just keeps delivering track after track with such amazing talent, it’s really great. “Dancin’ Eyes” follows, and I think Bob likes eyes, considering this is the second song about eyes. Still another good track, Bob is so talented, it’s crazy! Then comes “Danchiva” – which is a really hard word to say. The song itself is really good, and enjoyable. The music was so much better in the 1970’s, it makes me wish I was alive back then. Then album closes with the track “Lose Your Heart” which is a slower rock song, and well, the musicianship is beautiful, the vocals are amazing. Bob ultimately gives the best closing track on a album that I bought for the opening track. Good work Bob. Good work.

You made me lose my heart, but did you lose your heart to me?

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Sentimental Lady
A2 – Easy to Fall
A3 – Hot Love, Cold World
A4 – Mystery Train
A5 – Lose My Heart
A6 – Outskirts

B1 – Ebony Eyes
B2 – Lose Your…
B3 – Carolene
B4 – Dancin’ Eyes
B5 – Danchiva
B6 – Lose Your Heart

Capitol Records

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