Christian Death – “Cavity – First Communion / The Lord’s Prayer”

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Personal Review:
So hey, a single from back when Christian Death had a super amazing line-up. Rozz Williams on vocals. Rikk Agnew on guitar. Yup, the good days. Anyways, A-Side is “Cavity – First Communion” – I personally like it, but it’s said to be an “alternate version” of the one on “Only a Theatre of Pain” which isn’t true. It’s the exact same version! Nonetheless, the song is still quite amazing. I like death punk and goth rock, so I really like this one!

The track “The Lord’s Prayer” opens with some creepy ass prayer, the song itself is okay, kind of like that music you hear in a low-budget horror movie, where the main character is actually the bad guy, and has like multiple personalities. Also, it’s just the song “Prayer” played backwards.

Interesting Facts: 

Track Listing: 
A – Cavity – First Communion

B – The Lord’s Prayer

Frontier Records

Catalog Number:
FRT – 109

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Other Albums I Own by Christian Death:
Only a Theatre of Pain
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