Debbie Kroeze – “Debbie”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
Debbie Ketchum has been singing the gospel all her life, having grown up traveling around the world with her parents, Billy and Sandra Kroeze, and her aunt and uncle, Kowanda and Johnny Kroeze.
 In 1978 Debbie married Mel Ketchum, who is also a native of the state of Washington.
 This album of Debbie’s choice of songs is certain to bless thousands of people as the songs have in the Kroeze Brothers Citywide Crusades and on their nationwide telecast seen each week across North America.

Personal Review:
So, Debbie Kroeze’s self-titled album, it was sealed, but I opened and I am glad I did! Anyways, it opens with “Coming Home” – which is an amazing country Gospel song – I adore Debbie’s vocals on this album, they’re absolutely stunning as is the track picks! Next up is “Lay Your Burden Down” – and before I get into the song, the gaps between each song are too dang long! They’re literally like 5 second gaps. Anyways, so, the song. The song, in all honesty is kind of blah, Debbie needs to sing some more pop/country Gospel songs like the previous one. Long gap. Oh, look! A song! “Sail On” is next, and it’s okay. The backing vocals are nice, okay, so the song is good. It’s better than okay. Debbie’s got talent. Oh! She’s doing “Shepherd of Love“, which is a personal favorite of mine, so, yea. She delivers it nicely, (I prefer Denise.) nevertheless, Debbie is good. The A-Side closes with “Part the Waters Lord” – another song I first heard by Denise, (which, I prefer Denise, still.) The song is beautiful, Debbie sings it well too.

The B-Side opens with “Son Light” – and it, once again, is a pretty blah song. Debbie is pretty too. Look, another song Denise also did, “Born Again” (once more, prefer Denise’s version.) THOUGH Debbie does sing it equally as good, and is equally as talented. “For Those Tears I Died” is next, and well, it’s like one of those 50’s-esque love ballads (Like, “Earth Angel” or something.) Then comes “Tell Them” – which is a nice track, no problems here. Anyways, the album closes with the classic “I’ll Fly Away” (Though, I prefer Richard Miller’s version) Debbie delivers a fantastic female cover of the song.

Anyways, Debbie and the whole Kroeze Family can be found here.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Coming Home
A2 – Lay Your Burdens Down
A3 – Sail On
A4 – Shepherd of Love
A5 – Part the Waters Lord

B1 – Son Light
B2 – Born Again
B3 – For Those Tears I Died
B4 – Tell Them
B5 – I’ll Fly Away

Kroeze Brothers Evangelistic Association, INC.

Catalog Number:
KBEA 118

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Wayne Walters with the Nashville Sound
Backup Voices by Hilltop Studios in Nashville, Tenn.

Other Albums I Own by Debbie Kroeze:
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