Dick Jensen – “Giant of Hawaii”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
To start let me say that I know very little about Dick Jensen, and that I had bought the album solely for the fact it’s signed and titled “The Giant of Hawaii” (Apparently 6ft is giant in Hawaii.) Anyways, Dick has some acting credits to his name, nothing major just little roles in Television dramas.

The album opens with “Papa Was a Music Man” and well, it’s pretty good. Besides imagining him in that tight white jumpsuit, it’s pretty good, Dick is talented. The next song is “Paniola Country” – which is like bluesy funk country song. It’s kind of odd, ’cause like you got that funk vocals and lyrics, but then banjos… lots and lots of banjos. I’m here like, “what.” – it is a good song, just the banjos and the lyrics leave me confused. I like that word though, “Paniola”… then comes “Love Shack” – which the way it starts you would think it was Isaac Hayes singing… just because of the “Mmm… feel my love…” line, but hey… Dick’s love shack will “make you feel so good” (I’m sorry, this is just a bad song. It’s a guy named Dick singing about a ‘Love Shack‘). Then comes “Only Dreams” – which seems to be in a more positive light, as opposed to the previous track. The album ends with the song “Personality” – and well, it’s a good way to end the album. I like it. For some reason, the song is familiar though, maybe it’s been in a movie or something? Not sure.

The B-Side opens with the track “Cloudy Morning” – it’s a rather slow song, but it’s still good. Then comes the song “Hands” – yes, hands! It’s a song explaining what hands can do, with the backing singers shouting “Hands!” at the end of every sentence. “Hands push acid, drugs and pills” – no joke, that is a real line in the song. This is officially my new favorite song. Seriously. Then comes the song “One More Drink” – it’s a slow song, and it should be faster, because I like Dick fast. (HurrHurr.) Anyways, it’s a good song overall, just wish it was faster. “Girl With My Child” comes next, and well, from what I gather – it’s a song about a man being doubted by a girl with his child. It’s another slow song. Slow songs aren’t my favorites. Next comes “I Have You” – and well, it’s a fast song! I like this, I feel I could dance to it if I wasn’t so lazy… and sitting down, with a laptop on me. The album ends with the song “Fragile” and well, it’s a good way to end the album! Dick can sing, and he can dance too.

Sadly, Giant Dick Jensen of Hawaii passed away June 21st, 2006 of Lou Gehrigs disease.

Interesting Facts:


Not sure what it says!

Track Listing:
A1 – Papa Was a Music Man
A2 – Paniola Country
A3 – Love Shack
A4 – Only Dreams
A5 – Personality

B1 – Cloudy Morning
B2 – Hands
B3 – One More Drink
B4 – Girl With My Child
B5 – I Have You
B6 – Fragile

Record Club of Honolulu

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced & Arranged by Don Costa Productions, Inc.

Other Albums I Own by Dick Jensen:
Dick Jensen


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