Furr – “Furr”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
So, Furr is basically a cheap Kiss rip-off.
The album opens with the track “Sorcery” – and well, the vocals are okay, the guy kind of can’t sing very well. Then again, my copy is slightly dished, so it plays a little wobbly at first, but the musicianship is pretty great. Especially the guitars and drums. Next up comes “Sister Honky Tonk” – and well, the album has more of a funk sound to it, as opposed to glam rock. So, I’m assuming it’s categorized (by most major music sites, RYM & Discogs) as glam rock due to their appearance. The song isn’t that good. I’ll give them the chorus, because it’s okay. Then again, they’re just repeating the song title over and over. “Get Up and Dance” comes next, it’s kind of repetitive, and not that good. The musicianship is beginning to get sloppy. “River Queen” comes up next, and well, they’re trying to make a come back. It’s a little better than the other tracks on this album, and basically the high point of the album this far in. “I’m A Mover” ends the A-Side, which is kind of a positive note to end the album, so. The A-Side ends on a good note.

So, B-Side opens with the song “Love Me the Way I Am” – and well, the crappy vocals on the a-side is due to the fact it is indeed dished. This all kind of makes more sense now. So, it’s actually not as bad as the A-Side played it out to be. Next up comes “Let’s Get Funky” – which isn’t all that bad, but I’m also not a big fan of glam artists trying to pull off funk. Then comes “Wow Yeah” (Which they actually pronounce “Whoa Yeeaaa“) – the song seems to be the second strongest point of the B-Side. Then comes the song “You I” – where the finally hit the glam notes and rock music, and they also channel their inner kiss! It’s an alright song, but the song the album ends with is the ultimate high point of the record. “Goin’ Down the Road” ends the album, and it kind of has a Fleetwood Mac vibe to it, but with the glam hint. It’s alright!

So, as it would turn out, only George Bruce kind of stayed in the music scene. No one else seems to have done anything besides this album. Oh, well Jeff Woods did vocals on a album, in 1988.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Sorcery
A2 – Sister Honky Tonk
A3 – Get Up and Dance
A4 – River Queen
A5 – I’m a Mover

B1 – Love Me the Way I Am
B2 – Let’s Get Funky
B3 – Wow Yeah
B4 – You I
B5 – Goin’ Down the Road

Magna Glide

Catalog Number:
MGS 323117

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Vocals & Rhythm Guitar – Jeff Woods
Bass Guitar – George Bruce
Drums – Robert Sylvester
Vocals & Lead Guitar – John Gunner

A Music Machine Production
Produced by J. Kasenetz & J. Katz
Recorded at K&K Studio City
Engineer – B. Megaliff
Art Direction & Design – Stephen Saban
Photography – Sarah Longacre

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