Guns N’ Roses – “Appetite for Destruction”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 Every single living person in the world knows who Guns N’ Roses are – if not, they surely know who Slash is – if not, well, I’m here to talk about them.

 The album opens with my favorite GNR song, “Welcome to the Jungle” (or as most teenagers know it “the song from that GTA game”) – and well, do I really need to say much? It has the best musicianship and Axl Rose’s vocals are the greatest. The song is one big powerhouse of rock music, and it’s superb! After that comes the song “It’s So Easy” (and no, it’s not the Buddy Holly song) – and well, you know, compared to the previous track it’s not as great… It does slow down a bit, which does help it a bit, but still, it’s not something I can say I’d listen to time and time again. After that comes “Nightrain” – and well, my question is it “night train” or “night rain“? It’s a lot better than the previous track, the lyrics are pretty creative. I think it’s “Night train“. The musicianship is pretty good, incase I forgot to mention that? “Out ta Get Me” comes next, and well, besides the musicianship, it’s nothing special to me. I guess I’m not as big of a GNR fan as I had thought, or maybe I just like their hits? After that comes “Mr. Brownstone” – and it’s a better track than most that have passed, both lyrically and musically. It’s listenable. The A-Side ends on the most positive side it could ever end on, “Paradise City” which is another killer GNR track, it’s another personal favorite of mine with amazing lyrics and musicianship, and Axl’s vocals are amazing. Not a single complaint on this track!

 The B-Side opens with one of the first GNR tracks I’ve heard, “My Michelle” (and I’d like to thank my girlfriend in grade 5 for showing me it.) it’s a pretty great track, I prefer the live version, personally, but hey, it’s still an amazing opening track to the B-Side. After that comes “Think About You” and you know what? It’s not a bad track! The A-Side was a little rough at points, but this song is helping make up for that! Then the good tracks continue with the ever-so-great “Sweet Child O’ Mine” – which just the opening guitar solo immediately makes it a five star track. Then Axl’s vocals and the bands musicianship add on for everything else. “You’re Crazy” follows next, and it’s a pretty heavy track, the musicianship is good, but once more it’s not something I can sit through, there is also a lot of swearing on this album – not that I am complaining, just a though, that’s all. After that comes “Anything Goes” and it’s not a bad track, it’s alright – I like the musicianship. “Rocket Queen” finishes the album, and it’s a pretty decent ending track, not really complaining here. So, all in all, not an overly bad review, it was pretty mediocre.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Welcome to the Jungle
A2 – It’s So Easy
A3 – Nightrain
A4 – Out Ta Get Me
A5 – Mr. Brownstone
A6 – Paradise City

B1 – My Michelle
B2 – Think About You
B3 – Sweet Child O’ Mine
B4 – You’re Crazy
B5 – Anything Goes
B6 – Rocket Queen

Geffen Records

Catalog Number:
XGHS 24148

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Vocals, Synthesizer & Percussion – W. Axel Rose
Rhythm, Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals & Percussion – Izzy Stradlin’
Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals – Duff “Rose” McKagan
Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars – Slash
Drums – Steven Adler

All songs written by Guns N’ Roses except “It’s So Easy” – co-written by West Arkeen & “Anything Goes” with Chris Weber
Produced & Engineered – Mike Clink
Mixed – Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero
2nd Engineers – Andy Udoff, Micajah Ryan, Jeff Poe, Julian Stoll, Dave Reitzas & Victor “the fuckin’ engineer” Deyglio
Recorded at Rumbo Studios, Canoga Park, CA., Take One Studio, Burbank, CA., Can Am Studio, Tarzana, CA
Mixed at Media Sound, NYC
A&R Coordination – Tom Zutaut & Teresa Ensenat
Career Affairs – Stravinski Brothers / Alan Niven, 2101 Vanderbilt Lane, Unit 3, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Business Affairs – Boulevard Management
Album and Casette Originally Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC
CD Mastered by Barry Diament, NYC
Cross Tattoo Design by Bill White, Jr.
Tattoo Redrawn by Andy Engel
Tattoos by Robert Benedetti at Sunset Strip Tattoos
Painting – Robert Williams
Back Cover Photograph – Robert Jobs
Art Direction & Design – Michael Hodgson

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