Iron Eyes Cody & Alexander Longrifle – “Legends”

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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 The moment I recognized Iron Eyes Cody on the cover I knew I had to own this album, not full knowing what it is.
 So, the unfortunate part of this album is the fact there is no track listing. It does open with a song, sung by Alexander Longrifle – and it kind of sounds like Indian Jack – I’m going to guess the song name is “Cherokee Man” – and it’s a pretty good song, Alexander is definitely a good singer, I like it because it has that weird psychedelic vibe to it, but it also has a nice little pop beat to it. After that it goes into a spoken part with Alexander Longrifle and Iron Eyes Cody, which opens with a Native American prayer – then after they go onto talking about Native American legends, which Alexander Longrifle asks Iron Eyes Cody to tell him about the legends, but if I remember correctly, Iron Eyes Cody wasn’t actually Native American, he just looked Native and everyone wanted him to play Natives in movies. They also talk about how men have two of everything, a right and a left, and how the right leads to evil and the left leads to good. Then they go on about Native sign language – and Iron Eyes wrote books on Native sign language. Did Alexander just cut off Iron Eyes? This is actually quite interesting. Apparently there is 60,000 Natives in Los Angeles. That is a lot. Alexander is a Navajo and Iron Eyes is a Cherokee. Native American stuff is pretty cool. Then comes another song! It’s that famous Alexander style where he does the Elvis thing, and it’s so amazing to hear him sing like Elvis I definitely am enjoying this song. The musicianship is pretty good – I could swear I was hearing Elvis singing here but it’s actually Alexander Longrifle. Then they go back into the talking about how Television badly portrays the Native people, and making them look like savages, and how they get overly stereotyped. They then go on about how the Native children sniff glue and drink, and Iron Eyes really hates glue sniffers. Oh, the white folks started scalping and blaming the Natives. Iron Eyes is a “white man in the daytime, and a native in the nighttime” – this is kind of like a interview. This is pretty interesting to listen to Iron Eyes talk about his whole life. Are they going to go into another song? I hope so. Alexander begins talking about his life, and how he got into music. They just have some guitar playing going on in the background, I’m guessing it’s Alexander is just strumming along in the back – oh and now he is singing again, and the guitar playing is stunning! This song is pretty cool, I’m enjoying the fact he sounds like Elvis singing from the point of view of a Native. This is a pretty great song. That is how the A-Side ends with that great track.

 B-Side time! They go back onto the legends talk, and about the white buffalo, and how one of them wants to kill the white buffalo – and the buffalo turns into a girl, and she gives the guy a pipe to smoke – the peace pipe. Then they talk about a game played by Alexander’s and Iron Eyes tribes. Alexander’s sounds more interesting. Iron Eyes is an expert archer. Oh, here we go with another song, and this one has some nice piano playing, and then some singing. It’s a slower song, but the Elvis voice is pretty great. Then he goes into this echo like voice thing and it’s pretty cool. Back to the talking, and they talk about peyote – and peyote is not a drug, it’s used as a medicine to Natives and Mexicans. Wait, is Iron Eyes going to sing with Alexander? Yup. He’s singing traditional Native American songs, he’s on number two now, and they’re not too bad, I think it needs some drums though. Native Americans know no bad words – Iron Eyes goes on about respecting parents and love – and how the whole world needs love. The album ends with Alexander singing a Paul Revere and the Raiders song – I don’t know which one, but my god, it’s absolutely amazing! It’s quite a great song, and I think that was Iron Eyes doing the little calls and chants in the background. Excellent album.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:

Pinto Records

Catalog Number:
KM 10433

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Musicians – Fred Sorge, Sue Hanson, Tary Duarte, Bob Praglin & Alexander Longrifle
Back-Up Vocals – Mary Bronner & Iron Eyes Cody
Stories – Iron Eyes Cody & Alexander Longrifle
Album Design – Paul Wolfe, KM Records & Alexander Longrifle
Photography – Paul Wolfe & Miguel Sandoval
Produced by Alexander Longrifle
Music Arranger – Alexander Longrifle & Millie Dorne
Engineering – Bob Kinsey, Music Lab & Don Henderson, Capitol Records
Liner Graphics – Lenora Hennessy, KM Records
Distribution / Promos – Pinto Records

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