Justin Hines – “How We Fly”

The Sleeve:
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Personal Review:
So, awhile ago, when they were promoting the release of this album, and the tour that followed it, they were doing a promotion for anyone who donated to the tour would get a signed copy of this album. Here is the album.
Now, to start off, I know Justin from his previous album, “Days to Recall” – with the hit “Tell Me I’m Wrong” – anyways. As you can see, Justin is good.
The A-Side opens with “Maybe When the Morning Comes” – which is much like his previous album, but it’s still a pretty great track to hear. Justin definitely can sing country, he’s rather good at it too. Then comes the track “Lay My Burdens Down” which comes off as another country sounding track, and the chorus is absolutely amazing. I kind of really like this song. A lot. Then comes “We the People” which is a duet with Sierra Noble, and it’s a slower track, but it’s still beautiful. Justin and Sierra are both really talented singers. Though, I will admit most of the song is Justin singing, and Sierra just does some backing vocals. Then comes the title track of the album, “How We Fly”  – which seems to have a good meaning behind the song, “‘Cause it’s not about our time on the ground, it’s about how we fly” – the song is really, and I mean really good. Like, Justin is super talented too. The next track is “If We’re Wrong” – which ends the A-Side. It’s a slow song, and I really can’t complain about it, because Justin’s songs have deep meaning and performed with such dedication.

So, the B-Side opens with “Don’t Mean Nothin’” – which has some pretty nice acoustic guitar playing on it. It’s a good song with some pretty deep meaning lyrics again. “Man on the Stand” comes next, and it has that country folk feel to it at first, then into the country rock feel. Justin delivers this song masterfully, like not many I believe could! “Love You That Way” follows next, which is more of a soft country song, it’s pretty good, and Justin is just so good at conveying feelings in his songs, like you can feel his emotion through the music. Then comes the track “Please Stay” which is another duet, this time with Damhnait Doyle – which is another nice duet, though it seems to be just Justin again with Damhnait on backing vocals. Then comes the song “40 Shades of Blue” – which goes back to Justin’s pop feel from his previous album, while still sticking to his slight country feel he has on this album. It’s really a good song, the whole album is pretty good. The album ends with the track, “In My Quiet Hour” – which is a piano song, which is rather relaxing and a nice way to end the album as a whole. Justin is such a dedicated musician.

Interesting Facts:


“To Colin, Love Justin Hines 13”

Track Listing:
A1 – Maybe When the Morning Comes
A2 – Lay My Burdens Down
A3 – We the People
A4 – How We Fly
A5 – If We’re Wrong

B1 – Don’t Mean Nothin’
B2 – Man on the Stand
B3 – Love You That Way
B4 – Please Stay
B5 – 40 Shades of Blue
B6 – In My Quiet Hour

The Orange Lounge Recording Company

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Justin Abedin
Mixed by Darryl Neudorf
Recorded at Noble Street Studios by George Seara
Assistant Engineer – Kevin O’Leary

Additional recording at The Canterbury Music Company by Jeremy Darby
The Orange Lounge by Jason ‘Metal’ Donkersgoed & Daryn Barry
Omnisound Studios (Nashville) by Evan Theodore
Keen Music by Justin Abedin
Despatch Primary School Choir recorded at SABC RBF Studio One Port Elizabeth by Bronwen Nel

Mastered by Peter J. Moore at the “E” Room Mastering Toronto

Cover painting by Gary Wein
Layout by Christine Peters
Back cover and insert paintings by Martin Tielli

Executive Producer – Aubrey Winfield

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