Mel Tillis – “New Patches”

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Personal Review:
 I know like nothing about Mel Tillis, I acquired this LP through a box of records given to me by a family friend who had been having an estate sale.

 The album opens with “Midnight Love” and it opens with some pretty nice guitar playing and then Mel begins to sing, and my lord, his voice is so powerful. I cannot get over how great his vocals are. The chorus comes in and like, wow. I really do love country music, and this just makes it all the more worth it. After that comes the title track, “New Patches” which has a fiddle in it, and it’s quite amazing! The vocals are quite good, and the lyrics are nice too. After that comes the track “Slow Nights” and I’m quite loving this country music, Mel Tillis is actually really good, I wasn’t expecting this from this album. The chorus comes in, and it makes for it to be even more great than it already was. After that comes the song “Almost Like You Never Went Away” and why does this song sound so familiar, maybe not. Who knows. I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard this song before, but hey, it’s not bad at all. I love this album, like wow, it’s great. The A-Side ends with “Faded Blue” and it’s a slower country song, it’s not overly bad or anything. It’s quite enjoyable. But too slow for me. You know what, I lied this song is pretty good.

 The B-Side opens with “Texas On a Saturday Night” and hey, I think this one was recorded live. It’s a good way to open the B-Side, I’m quite liking this song. That was just Willie Nelson singing with Mel Tillis. It’s a duet with Willie! What a way to open the B-Side to a country album! One of the greatest country singers! Then comes “You’re As Far As I Can See (When I Close My Eyes)” it’s a slower track, but still a good one. The chorus is really what makes this track. This is such a powerful track, I cannot believe how great this album has been. Then comes “Small Change” and here is when we get that pop country sound, and it’s pretty good. Then comes the song “Bed of Roses” and sadly, it’s not the Statler Brothers song. However, despite the slow start, it’s a good song, and quite powerful in a vocal sense. The album ends with the song “He Drove Her Out of His Mind” and it’s a typical country song, break-up, drinking, other women. Boom, boom, pow. This is why people make those jokes, fortunately, I like this type of stuff, so it’s a good album!

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MCA Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Producer – Harold Shedd
Recorded & Mixed at Music Mill, Nashville, Tennessee
Engineers – Jim Cotton, Joe Scaife, Paul Goldberg, George Clinton & Kyle Lehning
Mastered by Glen Meadows / Masterfonics, Nashville, Tennessee – using the JVC Digital Audio
Drums – Eddie Bayers, Jr.
Keyboards – David Briggs, Willie Rainsford & Shane Keister
Acoustic Guitar – Jack Eubanks
Steel Guitar – Sonny Garrish
Baritone Sax – Johnny Gore
Fiddle – Rob Hajacos, Blaine Sprouse, Bruce Watkins & Hoot Hester
Electric Guitar – Fred Newell & Brent Rowan
Background Vocalists – Glen Campbell, Buddy Cannon, Ted Hewitt, Melba Montgomery, Willie Nelson, Jerry Reid, Ernie Rowell, Joe Scaife & Brian Sterling
Strings – The “A” Strings
Arranger – Kristin Wilkinson
Art Direction / Photography – Alan Messer
Illustration – Lani Gannon

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