Miley Cyrus – “Bangerz”

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Personal Review:
So, this album was like a special release promo thing for her (at the time) upcoming “Bangerz Tour” – and well, I went for it, the album, not the tour. The LP’s themselves, have AWFUL sound quality – so luckily for me, they came with a nice little digital download.

Anyways, the A-Side opens with the song “Adore You” – which was I think the 3rd single from this album? Well, it’s slow, and starts of repetitive, not really something I can honestly listen to over and over. Apparently this is one of her best songs too, (so my friends tell me.) I openly disagree now. Yup, most definitely not a song I’ll enjoy. I’ll admit the next track is one of my favorite Miley Cyrus tracks, “We Can’t Stop” follows – it’s that ONE song I know word for word, and literally have danced to, it’s my party entrance music. (Just saying.) – this was the first single of the album, and most likely the best song on the whole album. So, yea. “Remember only God can judge ya, so forget the haters – cause somebody loves ya.” – that is like my life motto. Then comes “SMS (Bangerz)” which features Britney Spears – I never thought I would hear Britney on vinyl, but hey, here she is, and this song is so god damn awful. Like, what is this? Did Miley just say “flirting with them big dogs“? what the hell does that even mean? Next up comes “4×4” which features Nelly on it, I have no idea what is going on. I swear this song is a sequel to Nelly’s “Ride With Me” – and well, this ends the A-Side. This has so far been a series of very vulgar tracks.

The B-Side opens with “My Darlin’” which features someone named Future, I have no idea who Future is, and why he is named Future. But, hey, Miley can atleast sing, I don’t however like how they took lyrics from the song “Stand By Me” – that ain’t cool Miley. Up next comes another personal favorite of mine, “Wrecking Ball” – the music video is pretty neat too. I also know all the lyrics to this song, and like to randomly begin scream singing the lyrics. It’s a rather good song, one of the few positive points of this album. Next up comes “Love Money Party” with Big Sean, and well, the grammar is bad, you know when she continuously shouts “love MONEY… party.” Like, what the hell? This song is so terrible. Like, my God. That rap part, what was that? Awful. Then comes the song “#GetItRight” – really? Did they honestly hashtag the song title? Was that really necessary? Anyways, this closes the B-Side. The song is okay, it’s not overly awful, but still not my type of music. The chorus is okay?

The C-Side, yes we’re there now, opens with “Drive” – why do so many songs have to start with “Mike Will Made-It” – we get it, it’s the producer of the album – but honestly, I don’t give a shit. Because, like, I don’t. But hey, this song isn’t overly awful either, except for that god awful introduction. Stop saying your producers name. Nobody cares. Okay, so yea, this song is okay. Then comes “FU” with French Montana, and Miley literally says she “LOL’d” – why. Then she goes on to sing about absolutely jack. Oh, and hey, French Montana joins in – turns out, it’s not a girl. Wow. “Do My Thang” follows, and well, this music is pretty bad this far. I’m not sure if I am just really old fashioned, or if it is really just this bad. The C-Side closes with the song “Maybe You’re Right” – the piano playing is nice, Miley can sing, but the songs themselves aren’t that good, however this song is alright, so I’ll give her that. Yea, this is definitely a good way to end the C-Side. Finally, a good closing track for one of the many, many sides.

Someone Else” opens the D-Side. It’s an okay opening track, not overly bad or anything. I’ve lost interest by this point, so, I’m trying to make this happen. Then comes the song “Rooting for My Baby” – it seems the D-Side is more of the slower songs, that have some bit of meaning. I definitely feel there were some songs had a lot of meaning put towards them, just not all of them. It’s an okay track. Then comes the song “On My Own” which is another okay song, this album definitely isn’t the best. But atleast Miley put the effort forth. The album ends with the song “Hands in the Air” and it’s another dance track, that doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest, I’ll give it to Miley for the few songs I had enjoyed, but overall the album wasn’t worth listening to in it’s entirety, the few songs I liked were.

In the end, I still love Miley.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Adore You
A2 – We Can’t Stop
A3 – SMS (Bangerz) [ft. Britney Spears]
A4 – 4×4 [ft. Nelly]

B1 – My Darlin’ [ft. Future]
B2 – Wrecking Ball
B3 – Love Money Party [ft. Big Sean]
B4 – #GetItRight

C1 – Drive
C2 – FU [ft. French Montana]
C3 – Do My Thang
C4 – Maybe You’re Right

D1 – Someone Else
D2 – Rooting for My Baby
D3 – On My Own
D4 – Hands in the Air [Ft. Ludacris]


Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Executive Producers – Miley Cyrus & Mike Will Made-It

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