Northern Lights – “Tears Are Not Enough / Tears Are Not Enough (Instrumental)”

The Sleeve:
105_5097 105_5098

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
“Many thanks to all those who kindly donated their time and effort to help make this record.”

Personal Review:
Back in the 80’s, shortly after Bob Geldof did the Band Aid thing for Africa everyone began hopping on the bandwagon, first USA with USA for Africa, and their single “We Are the World” – then Canada, with this.
The song itself features many, many, many great Canadian Artists – though the real reason I bought this… John Candy and Catherine O’Hara. There are too many artists to name in order, but you can sure as hell tell when Bryan Adams joins in to sing, because he is one of the greatest Canadian artists. Anyways, the song itself isn’t the greatest, it kind of reminds me of a Christmas track, the other noticeable performances are Véronique Béliveau, Robert Charlebois and Claude Dubois – but that is because they’re french. Then Geddy Lee from Rush – but that’s because he has a big voice. I love the super cheesy line, “Let’s show them that Canada still cares!” – the chorus itself is quite amazing. So, Yea. I’m all about choruses.

The B-Side is simply the instrumental. Which sounds like the backing music to a cheesy 80’s sitcom that never really went anywhere. Oh well.

Enjoy the music video – and Neil Young and Corey Hart looking completely out of it.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A – Tears Are Not Enough

B – David Foster – Tears Are Not Enough (Instrumental)


Catalog Number:
7BEN 7030

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Producer & Music – David Foster
Co-Producer – Jim Vallance
Lyrics – Bryan Adams & Jim Vallance
Title – Bob Rock & Paul Hyde
French Lyrics – Rachel Paiment

The Singers – Gordon Lightfoot, Burton Cummings, Anne Murray, Joni Mitchell, Dan Hill, Neil Young, Bryan Adams, Corey Hart, Bruce Cockburn, Liberty Silver, Geddy Lee, Liberty Silver, Carroll Baker, Ronnie Hawkins, Murray McLauchlan, Véronique Béliveau, Robert Charlebois, Claude Dubois, Don Gerrard, Alfie Zappacosta, Lisa Dalbello, Carole Pope, Paul Hyde, Salome Bey, Mark Holmes, Lorraine Segato, Paul Anka, Liona Boyd, John Candy, Tom Cochrane, Tommy Hunter, Martha Johnson, Eugene Levy, Frank Mills. Kim Mitchell, Oscar Peterson, Paul Shaffer, Jane Siberry, Sylvia Tyson, Barry Harris, Catherine O’Hara & Wayne St. John

Other Albums I Own by Northern Lights:
None. (Though, I do own albums by several of the artists featured here – they will be linked on individual pages)


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