Paper Moon: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Personal Review:
 So, this is pretty easy – the soundtrack to my favorite movie, starring my favorite actress, Tatum O’Neal.

 The album opens with the theme song from the movie by Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra “It’s Only a Paper Moon” – I’m not overly big on jazz standards and big band music, but this song gets me everytime, it sort of takes me to a happy place in the world. There are some vocals, not sure who the vocalist is, but they’re not that bad! After that comes “About a Quarter to Nine” by Ozzie Nelson and his orchestra, and well, the music is nice and the vocals are pretty relaxing. It’s kind of like the album takes you back to the 1930’s. After that comes Leo Reisman & His Orchestra, with Larry Stewart on vocals with “(It Will Have to do) Until the Real Thing Comes Along” – and once more, the musicianship his pretty nice, then the vocals come in and the song is even better, I never thought I would enjoy all these super oldies! “Flirtation Walk” by Dick Powell follows next, and well, the song isn’t awful, but I would prefer a different vocalist to this song, but hey, atleast it’s a good song, right? Then comes “Just One More Chance” sung by Bing Crosby – I personally enjoy Bing, to me he always seemed like a real cool guy – a lot of others would disagree. This song is pretty nice though, not overly awful. “One Hour With You” by Jimmie Grier & His Orchestra, with Donald Novis on vocals comes next, the big band segment is pretty nice – some of these songs should’ve just stuck to only having the big band segments – not sure if it just me, but some of these male singers sound like females. The A-Side closes with the Boswell Sisters with Victor Young & His Orchestra doing “I Found a Million Dollar Baby” – and you know, 1930’s girl vocal groups literally scare the shit out of me. I swear this how my nightmares are soundtracked, with this song.

 Pinky Tomlin with Jimmie Grier & His Orchestra open the B-Side with the track “The Object of my Affection” – and it’s a pretty decent way to open the B-Side, I like the vocals on this track. Hoagy Carmichael & His Orchestra follow up with “Georgia On My Mind” and it’s a pretty good track, not really a complaint worthy track, I quite enjoy it. After that Ken Darby & Ramona with Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra come with “A Picture of Me Without You” – and well, Ramona’s vocals are pretty nice, the orchestral arrangements are nice too. Ken Darby’s vocals add a somewhat special touch to the song. After that comes The Blue Sky Boys with “On the Banks of Ohio” and well, I definitely love this song, I adore the close harmony type music, it reminds me of the Louvin Bros. “My Mary” by Jimmie Davis comes next, and it’s another good track to listen to. “After You’re Gone” by Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra follow up next, and it’s a pretty relaxing track, I’m slowly starting to let the big band sound grow on me. After that comes “Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee” by Enric Madriguera & His Hotel Biltmore Orchestra, and it’s a pretty solid track, I’m definitely enjoying this LP. The album ends with the song “Sunnyside Up” by Johnny Hamp’s Kentucky Serenaders with Frank Luther on vocals, and the musicianship is superb – this album was almost as good as the movie was, almost. The movie is better because it has Tatum O’Neal in it.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra – It’s Only A Paper Moon
A2 – Ozzie Nelson & His Orchestra – About A Quarter to Nine
A3 – Leo Reisman & His Orchestra, with Larry Stewart – (It Will Have to Do) Until the Real Thing Comes Along
A4 – Dick Powell – Flirtation Walk
A5 – Bing Crosby – Just One More Chance
A6 – Jimmie Grier & His Orchestra, with Donald Novis – One Hour With You
A7 – Victor Young & His Orchestra, with The Boswell Sisters – I Found A Million Dollar Baby

B1 – Jimmie Grier & His Orchestra, with Pinky Tomlin – The Object of My Affection
B1 – Hoagy Carmichael & His Orchestra – Georgia On My Mind
B3 – Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra, with Ken Darby & Ramona – A Picture of Me Without You
B4 – The Blue Sky Boys – On the Banks of the Ohio
B5 – Jimmie Davis – My Mary
B6 – Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra –  After You’ve Gone
B7 – Enric Madriguera & His Hotel Biltmore Orchestra – Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee
B8 – Johnny Kamp’s Kentucky Serenaders, with Frank Luther – Sunnyside Up

Paramount Records

Catalog Number:
PAS 1012

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:


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