Paul McCartney – “Give My Regards to Broad Street: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”

The Sleeve:
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The Gatefold:

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 Okay, So maybe Paul McCartney is everyone’s favorite Beatle? After all Wings was amazing. Most of his solo work is too. A lot of the population just kinda wants to forget that Rihanna / Kanye travesty of a song he was in.

 Anyways, the album opens with “No More Lonely People” which has some guitar playing, silence and then Paul McCartney being awesome as always and singing a great song. This song is great, everything about it rocks. Like why is Paul so amazing? The guitar solo at the end is amazing. “Good Day Sunshine” comes next, and it has some spoken words from the movie and spoken by Paul, once we get into the song it’s better, Paul is actually super talented. Then comes a little ‘intermission called “Corridor Music” – blah. Paul goes onto to sing one of the Beatles best songs, “Yesterday” and it’s just as amazing as the original version of this song. But, of course Paul is the original artist of the song. We then carry onto the song “Here, There and Everywhere” another Beatles cover done amazingly by Paul, the original Beatle. Honestly, I think Paul may be the greatest Beatle next to Ringo. After that comes “Wanderlust” which opens with a great piano solo before going into Paul’s soft vocals, and it’s quite great. The vocals on this album rock. After that comes my favorite track on this album, “Ballroom Dancing” which is just great, from beginning to end, right up to the chorus too. It’s the chorus that really makes it for me, or when Paul hit’s that high note, maybe even the lyrics. It’s also so great, even when it gets quieter and louder. The A-Side closes with the track “Silly Love Songs” and this weird intro to the song throws me off, but then we go into some nice bass playing, and that is all that matters at this point.

 The B-Side opens with “Silly Love Songs (Reprise)” which is only a couple of seconds of sitar playing before we go into the song “Not Such A Bad Boy” and hey, it’s a pretty good song, not bad at all! After that comes the track “No Values” and it’s a pretty decent track, not all that bad the musicianship is pretty good, and Paul’s vocals are superb. After that we go into the “No More Lonely Nights (Reprise)” and it’s a 13 second instrumental, and it passes by pretty quickly. Then we go into the track “For No One” and it’s a slower song, but still pretty decent. This makes me want to see the movie. Paul’s solo rendition of “Eleanor Rigby” comes next, and it’s not quite as great as the original, but the lyrics are really what make this song rock. We then go onto the instrumental titled “Eleanor’s Dream” and, it’s basically as fade out from the previous track. After that comes the track “The Long and Winding Road” and it starts off with this jazzy type of intro, it’s not a good way to start this song, but the vocals are decently good! That pick-up was great too! The album ends with the song “No More Lonely Nights (Playout Version)” and it’s basically a more pop dance track, and it’s almost as good as the first track, but not quite entirely, not a bad way to end the album, it gets even better when the chorus enters!

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – No More Lonely Nights
A2 – Good Day Sunshine
A3 – Corridor Music
A4 – Yesterday
A5 – Here, There and Everywhere
A6 – Wanderlust
A7 – Ballroom Dancing
A8 – Silly Love Songs

B1 – Silly Love Songs (Reprise)
B2 – Not Such a Bad Boy
B3 – No Values
B4 – No More Lonely Nights (Ballad / Reprise)
B5 – For No One
B6 – Eleanor Rigby / Eleanor’s Dream
B7 – The Long and Winding Road
B8 – No More Lonely Nights (Playout Version)

Columbia Records

Catalog Number:
SC 39613

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by George Martin
Arranged by Paul McCartney & George Martin
Engineer – Geoff Emerick
Assisted by Jon Jacobs, John Kelly & Stuart Breed
Piano, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Harpischord, Bass – Paul McCartney
Bass – Herbie Flowers, Louis Johnson & John Paul Jones
Drums – Stuart Elliot, Jeff Pocaro, Dave Mattacks & Ringo Starr
Synthesizer – Ann Dudley
Guitar – David Gilmour, Chris Spedding, Steve Lukather & Dave Edmunds
Vocals – Eric Stewart
Vocals, Bass, Keyboards & Piano – Linda McCartney
Piano – George Martin
Brass Ensemble – Philip Jones
Horns – Jack Armstrong, John Barclay, Alan Donney, Henry MacKenzie, Dougie Robinson, Tommy Whittle, Ray Swinfield, Larence Williams, Thomas Pergerson, Charles Loper, Jerry Hey, Derek Watkins, Chris Pyne, Stan Sultzman & David Willis
Percussion – Jody Linscott
Strings – Gabrielli String Quartet
French Horns – Jeff Bryant
Sax – Dick Morrissey
Keyboards – Trevor Barstow
Orchestra Leader – Kenneth Sillito
Sleeve Design – John Pasche, Annie Carlton & Sandra Leamon
Cover Photo & Inner Bag Photos – Terry O’Neill
Other Sleeve Photos – David Dagley
Cover Lettering – Geoff Halpin
Sleeve Co-Ordination – Roger Hugget

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