Pierre Milo – “Pierre Milo A L’Orgue”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 Organs, Quebec and handlebar moustaches. All good things in my book.

 So, this album opens with the track “Tea for Two” and it’s played as a ‘cha cha’ style song, and well, it’s really relaxing and relaxing music is what I need right now, so it works pretty well that this song is here and playing. After that we go onto another track titled “Marina” and these songs are pretty decent I’m actually enjoying this salsa style music. We continue onto the track “Bain De Minuit” which features Pierre on vocals, which explains why there is a picture of Pierre sitting infront of a microphone on the back cover. It’s a good song, Pierre has a really nice calming voice. So it’s a good song really. After that comes “Mambo Jumbo” and it’s upbeat, I’m definitely a huge fan of organ music like this, you know, where it sometimes has some vocals, and sometimes doesn’t, it’s actually really decent. Makes you wanna dance. “Rock Around the Clock” comes next, and it’s a decent instrumental, I’d have loved to hear Pierre doing a french vocal cover of this track, because I honestly believe with his skill at the organ and vocals it would be a fantastic listen. The album continues on with the song “El Cumbanchero” and it’s a good song, not all that bad or anything. The A-Side closes with the vocal track “Vivre Au Soleil” and it’s good, the organ playing is nice and Pierre’s vocals are still quite nice.

 The B-Side opens with another vocal track, and it’s a cha-cha track again. “Les Moustaches” opens the B-Side and wow, I’m really loving this french music even though I cannot understand anything that Pierre is singing. Greatest dollar bin find. The second song is ALSO a vocal track, “Le Meteque” comes next and it’s pretty great. Slow, but good. It’s very enjoyable this album. After that we go onto the track “Le Gout De Toi” – it too, is a vocal track, and I’m loving that the B-Side has a lot of vocal tracks so far. They’re all pretty good. Then we go onto the organ version of the ever so wonderful, “Tequila” and though I do prefer the Champs version, Pierre’s organ-ized spin on it is also quite good. Though, I do think it should end with Pierre shouting ‘Tequila‘ like the traditional version of the song. After that we continue to the song “One Way Street” and it’s a nice organ instrumental, I do wonder what some of these songs would sound like if backed with some guitar playing or something. Then we go onto the song “Dansero” which is another upbeat track, and it’s definitely the type of music you could probably dance to. The album closes with the song “Brasil” and it’s a nice upbeat track, set in the samba mode on Pierre’s organ. It makes for an excellent closing track.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Tea for Two
A2 – Marina
A3 – Bain De Minuit
A4 – Mambo Jumbo
A5 – Rock Around the Clock
A6 – El Cumbanchero
A7 – Vivre Au Soleil

B1 – Les Moustaches
B2 – Le Meteque
B3 – Le Gout De Toi
B4 – Tequila
B5 – One Way Street
B6 – Dansero
B7 – Brasil

Standout Track:
Bain De Minuit

Les Disques Metronome

Catalog Number:
M 38202

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Producer – Yvan LeClerc
Promotion – Marcel Lefebvre

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