Ringo Starr – “Goodnight Vienna”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 So now we go onto Ringo, personally, my favorite Beatle. I always preferred him over John. He’s also a terrific drummer.

 Anyways, The album opens with the title track “Goodnight Vienna” and immediately we kick right into a great song, the musicianship is pretty good too, and Ringo is definitely one of the only four vocalists from the Beatles who doesn’t still have that Beatles vibe to his voice. After that we go onto the track “Occapella” and Ringo keeps up with this amazing sound that he has, and I can’t quite describe it, but it’s pretty great. Ringo is pretty great. After that comes the song “Oo-Wee” and once more Ringo just lets it all come out in this great track, and boy is this guy an excellent example of someone who went from something great to do something even greater! This album has yet to disappoint me! We continue on with the song “Husbands and Wives” and it’s a bit slower than the other songs, but Ringo is still wonderful with this song, and it’s pretty fantastic. After that slow song is over, we close with a song written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, “Snookeroo” and it’s more upbeat and fast paced! It has that Elton vibe for sure, and Ringo performs it like as if he wrote it himself, it’s fantastic! I’m loving this album so far! Yup. This a great way to end the A-Side.

 The B-Side opens with the track, “All By Myself” – and you know what Ringo, it’s great that you’re by yourself – because this album is great! Just like this song, honestly, Ringo is just fantastic. After that comes “Call Me” and it’s another slower track and it’s still relatively good, the musicianship is actually pretty good! After that we go onto the track “No No Song” which opens with some pretty interesting vocals and music, and it’s an… interesting song “No, no, no I don’t smoke it anymore, I always wake up on the floor” – are we talk… oh, nevermind, it’s about drugs for sure. Mentioned cocaine. This is a song about drug and alcohol abuse! And leave it to Ringo to make such an upbeat song about that topic, marijuana, cocaine and moonshine. All in all, so far a great album. After that comes the song “Only You” which does have the Beatles vibe to it, but the spoken word part in the song by Ringo makes it stand out from all the other songs that the Beatles have done. It’s great. “Easy for Me” follows next, and although it’s a slower track, it’s a great one! Ringo certainly delivers it in a way no one quite can. Then the album closes with the reprise of “Goodnight Vienna” and hey! It’s a terrific way to close the album. Fantastic.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Goodnight Vienna
A2 – Occapella
A3 – Oo-Wee
A4 – Husbands and Wives
A5 – Snookeroo

B1 – All By Myself
B2 – Call Me
B3 – No No Song
B4 – Only You
B5 – Easy for Me
B6 – Goodnight Vienna (Reprise)

EMI Records

Catalog Number:
SW 3417

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Richard Perry
Engineer, Remix Engineer & Recorded by Bill Schnee
Disc Cutting Engineer – Doug Sax, The Mastering Lab
Horns Arranged by Trevor Lawrence
Production Assistant – Vini Poncia
Art Direction – Roy Kohara
Photography (Inner Sleeve) – Larry Emerine
Recorded at Sunset Sound (Los Angeles) & Producer’s Workshop
Engineering Assistants – Galen Senogles & Larry Emerine
Remixed at Sound Labs, Inc.
Drums – Ringo Starr & Jim Keltner
Percussion – Ringo Starr
Piano & Inspiration – John Lennon
Clavinet – Bill Preston
Guitars – Lon Van Eaton, Dennis Coffey, Robbie Robertson, John Lennon, Alvin Robinson, Steve Cropper & Jesse Ed Davis
Horns – Trevor Lawrence, Steve Madaio, Bobby Keys, Lou McCreery, Chuck Finley & Lon Van Eaton
Backing Vocals – Clydie King, Jimmy Gilstrap, Joe Greene, Ira Hawkins, Linda Lawrence, Richard Perry, Vini Poncia, Derek Von Eaton, Cynthia Webb, Harry Nilsson The Blackberries & the Masst Alberts
Accordion – Carl “Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs” Fortina
Electric Piano & Piano – Dr. John
Bass – Klaus Voorman
Harmony Vocals – Vini Poncia
Acoustic Guitar – Lon Van Eaton, John Lennon & Vini Poncia
Electric Guitar Solo – Richard Bennett
Electric Piano – Tom Hensley & Nicky Hopkins
Piano – Elton John, Lincoln Mayorga & David Foster
Trumpet Solo – Steve Madaio
Synthesizer – James Newton Howard
Strings Arranged by Trevor Lawrence & Vini Poncia
Strings Conducted by Richard Perry

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