The Laymen – “The Laymen”

So, here we go with Georgia’s own the Laymen from Warner Robins, with what the liner notes say is their sixth album – self released as there is no label present.

The album opens with the song “The Message of His Coming” and it starts with no instrumental backing just a cappella vocals before the whole group goes into this song, singing over the chorus before we get a solo from either Jim or Randy, but the female vocalist her solo in the back really stands out. We go onto the song “I’ll Meet You There” and it’s the group and one of the guys on vocals, and it’s not bad. Relaxing at least. “Sail On Over” comes next and the female vocalist, Deanna, I believe delivers this track and she’s got a nice voice, very country sounding! “Ready to Leave” comes next, and it’s a slower song done by the whole group. It has it’s faster parts, and it’s performed really nicely. Pretty sure it’s an end of days song. Lastly, we finish the album with the track “In My Robe of White” and it’s delivered by Deanna, and she sings it real well, very talented woman. Solid finish to the A-Side.

Somebody Prayed for Me” and it sounds like Deanna is harmonizing with herself, but with just a hint of the gentlemen, and it’s a good song, nice with a good meaning. Not bad. I liked it. “You Ain’t Seen the Last of Me” comes next, and once more we got Deanna on vocals singing the song greatly, as she is supported by the musicians and backing vocals. I like this one too. This has been a pretty solid opening to the B-Side. “Home” follows next, and it’s a bit slower, but it has steel guitar and some nice vocals, from both Deanna and one of the gentlemen. “The Little Boy from the Carpenter Shop” comes next, and it’s not a bad song, it is performed very well, it is just not one of my favorite gospel songs out there. We end with the country sounding “I Think I’ll Read It Again” – all in all, it’s been a pretty alright album, and I enjoyed it. By the way, pretty sure there is two female vocalists on this one.

Catalog Number:

Bass Guitar – Randy Burch
Piano, Electric Piano & Clavinet – Willie Rainsford
Steel Guitar – Jim Baker
Rhythm & Lead Guitar – Doyle Grisham
Drums – David Lewis
Piano – LaDonna Hart

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