The Singing Post Family – “The Family Bible”

The Sleeve:

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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
“Thank goodness there are certain constants that even the hustle and bustle of modern life will never efface from our midst. Constants such as sincerity, the family unit, a belief of a supreme being, a universal quest and long for peace-harmony-singing-
As long as family units exist and there are families like the Post Family, each one of us can feel more confident of a not so pessimistic future. Norman and Jean Post are blessed with three healthy, happy, good-looking youngsters who also happen to be very talented. Joanne, the oldest, plays guitar, sings, and is a composer as well. Debbie is a dynamo of talent and young Ken not only sings but is (pardon the pun) a ‘budding’ Buddy Rich at the drums.
God has blessed the Post family with a talent not found in one family too often in any given lifetime. I think it only fitting that as the SINGING POST FAMILY is gaining recognition from every quarter (a growing legion of dedicated followers as well as fellow performers), that they undertake to record their first album of religious praise, in tribute to HE who bestowed the blessings.
Each song has been chosen with great care and sincerity; family favourites of universal appeal and new offerings especially written to include in this fine selection. Each song has recieved the stamp of unanimous approval from the family, as the POST FAMILY acts as a unit, arriving at all decisions only after each member has had an oppurtunity to voice his or her opinion. It would take many more albums to record all the songs they would have liked to do, so you can well imagine the amount o f time given over to discussion alone as the final grouping you hear on this recording.
The “FAMILY BIBLE” – the title song is not unfamiliar to each and every member of the SINGING POST FAMILY. I don’t only mean the song, but the writings contained within the sacred book itself are just familiar thanks to a well guided Christian upbringing.
As you listen to this fine tribute of GOD’S glory – you, no doubt, will feel as I do that not only is this family blessed, but that we share a blessing as well. These songs can only serve to remind us that there awaits each one of us, a better life, if only we should have the good sense to seek our Salvation through our Saviour. The Holy spirit truly pervades the album and touches each one of us, to use the modern expression – ‘to where we live’.
It is comforting to know that families as a unit still sing and believe – and I believe that as the SINGING POST FAMILY continue to supplicate and give thanks to the Almighty for their many blessings, that they will continue to be blessed in return. This is a point to ponder and for each one of us to remember and pray about as we listen maybe even join in and do a little singing along on our own. I am sure the Posts wouldn’t mind at all, in fact if a vore were taken I’m sure it would be unanimous.
As long as we have mothers and fathers like Jean and Norm Post, with children like Joanne, Debbie and Ken, who believe and express their belief – ‘who are one as a family’ and more importantly, look upon their fellow man as ‘one’ of the family, this old earth of ours has more than a good chance to ultimately progress to a fulfillment of the purpose of our Maker’s creation.
As a man whose profession it is to play Country and Gospel music, I look forward to sharing these musical moments with my listens in the hope that they will gain the inspiration that the SINGING POST FAMILY sincerely hopes will be gained by all those who listen to their first album of religious nature.
I am sure that it is a personal wish of the SINGING POST FAMILY that this album of blessing to you and may be encouraged to take up the ‘FAMILY BIBLE’ often to seek refuge and redemption from one true source of all wisdom – GOD’S Holy Word.
Enough words from me!
Listen again and again to these truly inspirational songs, sung by a talented family who understand only too well the message contained in each of them.
Here’s to more ‘Sunshine’ in your life and may you enjoy ‘God’s choicest blessing always.
Sean Eyre
CHEX Radio,
Peterborough, Ontario”

Personal Review:
“Roooooooock of Ages…. Rooooooock of Ages” is the first thing you hear on this LP from the very Southern-y but baritone-d voiced Norm Post before the rest of the family joins in to sing the song “The Family Bible”, and this far in, it’s not that bad!
So, as it turns out The Post Family is SUPER country! You can hear it in all the songs. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s also not something that is common in Gospel… fiddles and banjos. Weird stuff.
Anyways, Highlights of the A-Side, are Country singer Joanne Post’s solo “A Man Who’s Made of Love” and the families song “Daddy Was an Old Time Preacher Man”.

Onwards to the side of the B!
Oh Gosh! Those banjos! Anyways, by this point, despite that I’m not one for banjos in Gospel – though give me some banjos in some good ol’ Country music and ooooh boy! Enough about me. We’re talking about the Posts!
The song “My Religion’s Not Old Fashioned” makes me want to sing a long! (…If I wasn’t tonedeaf.), followed by one of my all time favorite Gospel songs “Just A Closer Walk with Thee” – now the Post’s aren’t no Denise Klahn, but holy Gosh! I’ve never heard a version this good… besides Denise. Then comes a Merle Post solo! Where did these girls learn to sing? Like oh my! They’re fantastic! “Jesus Please Help Us Understand” by Merle Post – she could’ve gone solo like Joanne did! Good work ladies.
I’m not too big on Norm’s singing, but the the backing vocals and solos by the two daughters are absolutely amazing! They make the entire album worth the $0.99 I paid! Another wonderful family Gospel album! God Bless you Singing Post Family, God Bless you.

Track Listing:
A1 – The Family Bible
A2 – How Big is God
A3 – Old Time Religion
A4 – A Man Who’s Made of Love
A5 – Daddy Was an Old Time Preacher Man
A6 – An Evening Prayer

B1 – My Religion’s Not Old Fashioned
B2 – Just a Closer Walk With Thee
B3 – Jesus Please Help Us Understand
B4 – How Great Thou Art
B5 – Gathering Flowers for the Master’s Bouquet

Interesting Fact:

Marathon Music Incorporated

Catalog Number:
ALS 337

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Musical Arrangements – Steve Smith & Bob Munro
Vocal Arrangements – Joanne Post
Sound Engineer – Ken Friesen
Lead Guitar – Jerry Warren
Steel Guitar – Steve Smith
Piano – Bob Munro
Fiddle – Carl Elliott
Bass & Banjo – Eddy Poirer
Drums – Tom Cole
Cover Photo – Don Askett, courtesy of Ameliasburge Museum Chapel, Amel, Ontario.


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  • Cheryl says:

    I saw the singing post family back in the 60s at a talent show in Alderville, Ontario. Years later I worked with Joanne at the Belleville Walmart.

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