The Taylors – “A Part to Play”

The Sleeve:

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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
“Ephesians 4:11 “And he gave some, apostles; and some prophets; and some, pastors and teachers;”
God gives each of us a role in life or a part to play. It’s up to us to seek God’s role for our lives and then to play our part to the best of our abilities.
The title song of this album “A Part to Play,” was written by Sherri and Krista. It relates to the problems we may face when we select a role in life that God did not plan for us and to the joy and peace that comes when we do play the part God intended for us.
Listen – receive the message – and rejoice with The Taylors as God reveals to you……………..

I used to worry about the future
I got lost in the problems of every day
Confusion filled my heart
Instead of peace of mind
I could have had from the start
But when I met Jesus
He gave me “A Part to Play.”

My role is written by God, the Author
All I’ve got to do is live His way
If I’ll just follow the script
Then All my problems and fears
From my heart He will lift
When I asked Him to stay
He gave me “A Part to Play.”

I always wanted to be a star of a play
I wanted the world to look at me
But then I realized
That I wasn’t a star
That could make it that far
Cause I was playing a part
That God had not planned for me.

All roles are written by God, the Author
All you’ve got to do is live His way
If you’ll just follow the script
Then all your problems and fears
From your heart He will lift
If you’ll ask Him to stay
He’ll give you “A Part to Play.”

Personal Review:
Firstly, this record comes from my 2nd box of Crusade records – it was also the first one that I played. The cover intrigued me. So, the LP opens with the track “A Part to Play” (Which the lyrics are printed on the back cover – which also were a pain to copy.) So, the track is mainly performed by “Older Brother” Kent – whilst the chorus is performed by the three (Kent, Krista and Sherri) after that one of the sisters does the second verse. The second song is the song “One Day Closer” and it’s performed by one of the girls, the entire album is great. As is this track. The next track is “I Must Tell Jesus” which is performed by Kent Taylor. It’s slower, but still very good! “Jesus Made A Believer Out of Me” comes next and it is another amazing track by the Taylor family! The A-Side ends with the track “Let Them Know” which is performed by one of the females. It’s a slow song, but still great.

Anywho. So the B-Side opens with the song “Live for Jesus” which is performed by one of the girls, and it is such a great track. “Jesus’ Love Has Made a Change” is absolutely amazing, I want it on my iPod so I can sing a long to it while I do dishes… All three of them sing! It’s beautiful. Well, what is a Gospel album without the song “Amazing Grace”? (Answer: A Gospel album without “Amazing Grace” – hah, lame joke.) Anyways, so their version of “Amazing Grace” is good, I have heard other versions that I prefer more, but it’s the Taylors and I love them, so I love this version too. Then comes the track “Satisfied” which is performed by Kent, and well. It’s good. The B-Side closes with the track, “The Sounds of His Coming” (Please, please, PLEASE refrain from dirty jokes.) anyways, the song is good, but I honestly believe that the Taylor family should’ve chosen a different song to close with.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – A Part to Play
A2 – One Day Closer
A3 – I Must Tell Jesus
A4 – Jesus Made a Believer Out of Me
A5 – Let Them Know

B1 – Live for Jesus
B2 – Jesus’ Love Has Made a Change
B3 – Amazing Grace
B4 – Satisfied
B5 – The Sounds of His Coming

Crusade Enterprises

Catalog Number:
LP S 1613

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Sherri Taylor – Piano
Kent Taylor – Bass Guitar
Gaylord Taylor – Guitar
Richard Pruitt – Percussion
Front Photograph – Witter Studio, Fairfield, Illinois
Recorded at Crusade Studios, Flora, Illinois; Ray Harris, Owner
Engineer & Assisting Musician – Bill Casolari

Other Albums I Own by The Taylors:
“Let’s Sing a Song”


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