Barry Manilow – “This One’s For You”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
I’m just going to skip all introductions and hop right in.
The album opens with the song “This One’s for You” – and well, it was an alright song, I’m starting to think you have to be in a Manilow type of mood? Next is “Daybreak” and well, it’s a bit better than the previous track, but I’m just not feeling Barry. (Kaay, that sounds awful.) Then comes “You Oughta Be Home with Me” – and it’s okay, I’m not hating on Barry, believe me, I like him. Just this album, not so much… get what I am saying? Then comes “Jump Shout Boogie” – and yea, I think I am done with this record. The A-Side closes with “Weekend in New England” – wait, I know this song! Or do I? Nonetheless, the A-Side is over.

The B-Side now! It opens with “Riders on the Stars” – and it’s an okay track, good opening track atleast. Somewhere along the lines the song ended, and “Let Me Go” started, didn’t even notice… it’s one of those records. Next up, and most likely the reason I bought the record in the first place, “Looks Like We Made It” – and well, I’ve waited through every other track just to play this ONE song, sadly, this song isn’t enough to give Barry a five star (or a full green meter) rating. But, hey! For old times sake, let’s all sing along with Barry! “OH HEY, IT LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT!”  yup, I enjoy singing along with Barry… “WHOA NO! IT LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT! OR I THOUGHT SO TIL TODAAAY” Okay, I’m done. I swear. “IT LOOKS LIKE WE MAAAAAAADE IT!” Kay. Next song. Next comes “Say the Words” and hey, it’s got a pretty funky beat. But still pretty boring. Then comes “All the Time” but still, I wish it had more of Barry’s song that I liked. The album closes with “See the Show Again” – and not too fond of it either.

Anyways, in closing, I leave you with this.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – This One’s for You
A2 – Daybreak
A3 – You Oughta Be Home With Me
A4 – Jump Shout Boogie
A5 – Weekend in New England

B1 – Riders on the Stars
B2 – Let Me Go
B3 – Looks Like We Made It
B4 – Say the Words
B5 – All the Time
B6 – See the Show Again

Arista Records

Catalog Number:
AL 4090

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Background Vocals by Monica Burruss, Lady Flash, Debra Byrd & The Lady in the Middle with the Very Strange Name; Barry Manilow and Ron Dante
Cover Design & Photography – Lee Gurst
Recorded and Mixed at Mediasound, N.Y.C.
Special Thanks to my Orchestrators, Gerald Alters, Charlie Calello, Dick Berkhe, and Van McCoy;
My lyricists, Adrienne, Marty, and Bruce;
My Band, “City Rhythm,” – Lee Gurst, Steven Donaghey, Alan Axelrod,
and My Girls, Lady Flash; Miles Lourie; Clive Davis; Debbie Gray; Dick Fox; Richard DiOrio; Jerry Sosnik; and, of course, Linda and Bagel

Other Albums I Own by Barry Manilow:
Even Now
The Manilow Collection: Twenty Classic Hits
Tryin’ to Get the Feeling


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