Ray Harris Trio – “The Ray Harris Trio”

The Sleeve:

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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
Ray and Dolores Harris have been singing the Gospel for many years and are now joined by their teen-age daughter, Tammy Renee. Tammy has made several solo albums and has broadened their ministry to many foreign countries, as she has been the soloist in several missionary crusade in the Orient.

 Special attention has been given to the selection of songs for this album, to give variety of arrangement, accompaniment and tempo. But most important, the trio delivers each song with sincerity and an anointing of the Holy Spirit. Believing we are living in the last days, The Ray Harris Trio pray these songs will be a special blessing to you. If they don’t meet you again on earth… they hope to See You In The Rapture

Personal Review:
 Well, I’m a personal friend to Dolores and Tammy Renee’, and they were kind enough to give me some of their personal copies of their own records to help with the website.

 So firstly, the Ray Harris Trio basically has what I like in Gospel – a family singing. The album opens with the song “A Little Taste of Heaven” which is a rather nice song, each of the 3 have solos in the song, to me, Tammy Renee’s stands out the most. It’s followed by the slow “I Must Tell Jesus” – it’s a good song, but not my favorite, I prefer more faster, upbeat Gospel songs, but it is followed by my ultimate favorite Gospel song… “I Should Have Been Crucified“, and how do I even begin to describe how this version over all the versions I’ve heard have become my all time favorite version? Once again, they all have solos, and it’s absolutely amazing! The song is followed by the solo by Dolores, “Oh, I Need Him” – it’s a slow song, but Dolores delivers it well! On to the upbeat “March Around the Throne One Time for Me” – once again, another amazing song from The Ray Harris Trio! The version of “The Old Rugged Cross” on this LP is the first version of the song I’ve ever actually heard, and though it’s not a favorite song of mine, I do enjoy the delivery of it. Ray’s baritone solos are quite impressive.

 Onwards to the B-Side!

 So, the B-Side starts of with the slow “In The Garden” – the song is predominantly performed by Ray and Tammy, not another that I’d listen to constantly, but still good. Then comes “I Feel like Something Good is About to Happen” which is really good song, I really enjoy the songs where all three sing together. “The Lighthouse” follows it, I’ve heard the song before on different albums, it’s not a personal favorite of mine, so I’m just gonna skip reviewing it, then comes “No Lock on My Mansion Door” which is yet another good upbeat song that features all three on vocals. The record closes with “I’ll See You in the Rapture” – which, yes, you’ve guessed it! It’s a song about the end of the world, I like it. (Then again, I also LOVE the song “I Wish We’d All Been Ready“).

 Anyways, great work to the Ray Harris Trio! and thank you for 54 years of Crusade records!

Interesting Facts:

Well, I had ordered a bunch of records from Crusade – all the ones that have either Dolores or Tammy Renee’ on them are signed.


“God Bless You! Tammy Renee’ & Dolores”

Track Listing:
A1 – A Little Taste of Heaven
A2 – I Must Tell Jesus
A3 – I Should Have Been Crucified
A4 – Oh, I Need Him
A5 – March Around the Throne One Time for Me
A6 – The Old Rugged Cross

B1 – In the Garden
B2 – I Just Feel Like Something Good is About to Happen
B3 – The Lighthouse
B4 – No Lock On My Mansion Door
B5 – I’ll See You in the Rapture

Wine Skin Records (A Branch of Crusade Enterprises)

Catalog Number:
LPS 259-26

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Ray Harris
Engineered by Bill Casolari
Photography by Nip’s, Salem, IL
Recorded at Crusade Studios, Flora, IL
Solo & Harmony voices for the song “Oh, I Need Him” by Dolores Harris

Other Albums I Own by The Ray Harris Trio/The Crusaders of Illinois:
Cool Water
In Century 21 Style
Moments to Remember


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  • Sandra Hickman says:

    enjoyed the comments very much. Would like to get ahold of a couple of the Ray Harris Trio and the Crusaders of Illinois. How could I do that. Thanks

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