Carroll Atchison – “Come to the Chapel”

The Sleeve:

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
CROWN CLASS  This is a memorial album dedicated to the Crown Class of the First Baptist Church, Houston.

 The class gathers each Sunday Morning in the Morriss Memorial Chapel presented to the Church in loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. William Corliss Morriss. Bro. Wiliam Corliss Morriss was, by the way, the first teacher of the Crown Class.

 So, “Come to the Chapel” and worship, study and sing with us as we gather together each Sunday Morning during the Sunday School Hour.

 When Carroll Atchison decided to give his life to Gospel Singing, the first thing in order was to prepare. He recieved a diploma in Saced Music from The Baptist Seminary, Fort Worth. They didn’t give degrees at this school in those days. Then his B.A. Degree from Texas Tech. Later his B.M. Degree from the Houston Conservatory of Music, and his Master’s Degree from the Southern School of Fine Arts in Houston.

 Although Mr. Atchison as been Music Director of many Churches and public schools, he also found it rewarding to spend a few years as a private teacher of voice. He also has written four music work books for class study.

 During his many years as Music Director, he never used his talent as a vocal soloist. It was not until he retired from Church choir directing that he gave thought to singing solos, and most of them were done in our own beloved First Baptist Church, Houston.

 He loves to write songs, and he says he loves to sing them because he thinks they are pretty.

 SELMA SMITH….. After working at her husband’s store for one full Saturday morning, she made her way to the studio to begin a recording session that would last two or three hours. When she arrived she was handed seventeen songs. Without any time to even look them over, she was told to transpose each one down two whole steps. We became “One Takers” in that when the first song was recorded we immediately went to the second song, then to the third, and so on, and so on, until all the seventeen songs had been taped.

All I can say is, with her great ability, and marvelous talent, triangled with a beautiful spirit…. Well, that’s SELMA SMITH.


Personal Review:
Holy Baritone Batman!

I’d love to hear a sing off between Carroll Atchison and Lowell Mason. The vocals that would be heard… OH MY.

Anyways, So, here we have this simple looking old man. Turns out, his voice is BOOMING! (and deep.) Anyways, definately not my favorite type of Gospel (Baritone Gospel isn’t my thing…) but it’s still impressive. I get this feeling Carroll wants to deck me or something…

Track Listing:
A1 – Come to the Chapel
A2 – The Sweeter He Grows
A3 – He Lives Within
A4 – Flee as a Bird
A5 – When the Saints Go Marching In
A6 – Just Inside the Eastern Gate
A7 – Swing Low
A8 – An Old Account
A9 – Joshua Fit the Battle

B1 – God’s Only Born
B2 – There’s a Great Day Coming
B3 – Who At My Door
B4 – Oh Mary Don’t You Weep
B5 – I Know Where I’m Going
B6 – Will There Be Any Stars
B7 – I Have Found A Hiding Place
B8 – Just A Little Talk

Special Edition Records

Catalog Number:
ACA-67 41-R

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