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Personal Review:
So, this is Elizabeth Barraclough’s second album, (the first being her self-titled debut album! Which is also very amazing.)
The album opens with the track “Devil at the Door” – which is a cool, funky track that Elizabeth delivers with such power in her voice, like no other singer can do. My favorite part is the chorus when she sings “The devil’s at the door! at the door! There’s a devil at the door!” – good stuff. Next up comes the track “Gotta Lotta Love” – which is another funky track with amazing vocals by Elizabeth. Definitely a good listen. I definitely love this song. Next comes “Use Your Heart” which kind of has that Barry White-type soul vibe to it, which is great. Because not many female artists can do that type of stuff. It’s a slow song, but still pretty cool. (“Walls fall apart, when you use your heart“) something about Elizabeth is just so unbelievably great. I’m not sure why I like her so much, but she’s great. Next up is “So Good to See You” – which is kind of a soft rock type of song, and it’s pretty great too. Elizabeth is so talented, I don’t think I can stress that enough! The A-Side closes with “You’ll Lose a Good Thing” – which Elizabeth seems to have a knack for doing amazing songs to help with break-ups. (Don’t believe me, check out her self-titled album.) The song is so deep, and a wonderful way to close the A-Side. Deep stuff.

The B-Side opens with “Space Shuttle Shuffle” – which is kind of a pop/funk track, which starts off with the words “All aboard for the space shuttle shuffle” – then it kicks into some pretty chill instrumental musicianship, and amazing synth playing by Jack Holder. Up next is “How Come?” – which goes back to the funk roots of the first few tracks, and Elizabeth delivers it beautifully, and the track is amazing. Did I mention how powerful Elizabeth’s voice is? My favorite line “from New York to L.A. all the boys look the same, I don’t even catch their name!” (I know that feel.) the next track is “Time and Love” – which is another slow song, but another beautiful track from Elizabeth. It’s another song about love, and break-ups, and it’s so damn amazing. Elizabeth is one of the most talented artists! Then comes “Concentrate” (which seems to be the hardest thing to do at the moment.) the song itself goes back to the funky rock style, and Elizabeth just rips into it! This album is probably one of the greatest albums I own! As I’ve said many, many times, Elizabeth is one of my top 5 favorite female artists. The song is so good! The album itself closes with the slow song “Bird in a Cage” and it’s a soft spoken love song, and Elizabeth just proves how talented she is with just one song. “Here is my heart, this bird in a cage.

I thank Elizabeth for the two amazing albums she did. One love.

Interesting Facts:


Not so much an interesting fact, just a neat picture that Elizabeth let me share with you guys!

Track Listing:
A1 – Devil At Your Door
A2 – Gotta Lotta Love
A3 – Use Your Heart
A4 – So Good to See You
A5 – You’ll Lose a Good Thing

B1 – Space Shuttle Shuffle
B2 – How Come?
B3 – Time and Love
B4 – Concentrate
B5 – Bird in a Cage


Catalog Number:
BRK 6992

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Elizabeth Barraclough – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica & Keyboards
Aaron Nesbit – Keyboards
LeRoy Hodges – Bass
Gene Chrisman – Drums
The Memphis Horns & The Memphis Strings Horns arranged by Aaron Nesbit & Elizabeth Barraclough
Strings arranged by Aaron Nesbit
Willie Mitchell – Piano on “Time and Love
Jack Holder – Synthesizer on “Space Shuttle Shuffle
Hi Friends & Family on “Gotta Lotta Love
Andrew Love – Tender Sax Solos
Paul Butterfield – Harmonica on “Bird in a Cage
Background Vocals by Erma Shaw, Elizabeth Smith & Romell Greenlee
Bird in a Cage” – recorded and remixed by John Holbrook
Bar-B-Q by Brady’s “Best in Town”
Tennis by Jonathan Orenstein
Thank You, David Sorin Collyer, For the Voice
Recorded at Hi Studios, Spring 1979
1320 South Lauderdale, Memphiss
Mixed at Hi by Willie Mitchell, Warren Wagner & Ian Kimmet
Mastering by Howard Kraft, Mastercraft Memphis
The Memphis Horns courtesy of RCA Records
Photography by Kate Simon

All songs published by Fourth Floor Music/Chili Pepper Music, except for “You’ll Lose a Good Thing” published by Jamie Music Publishing Co./Crazy Cajun Music.

Thanks to Wiedemann Beer, courtesy of the G. Heileman Brewing Co.

Other Albums I Own by Elizabeth Barraclough:
Covered Up in Aces / Covered Up in Aces
Elizabeth Barraclough


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