Evie – “Never the Same”

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Personal Review:
 So Evie is/was one of the biggest names in Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music. Basically, before we had Amy Grant, we had Evie – but she was in Sweden. Anyways, she released an album in the States, and her career took off.

 Live for Jesus” opens the album, and Evie’s voice is terrific, the song is a little slow, but Evie is definitely someone who is enjoyable to listen to. The chorus on this song is good though, I feel that is when Evie really gets good. Yea, it’s a good opening track. After that comes “Hold On” and once more, we’re hit with another slower track, the musicianship and the vocals are good, but I feel Evie would do better on faster, more pop sounding tracks. “Special Delivery” follows and that is some pretty peculiar musicianship at the beginning, then we go into the vocals and something about this recording feels off to me. Even the chorus seems off. The title track, “Never the Same Again” follows next, and still feeling off about this recording and the whole lyrical part of this album, the vocals are good and so is the musicianship, but I feel there could be so much more to this album then we are actually being given. The A-Side ends with “This Life” which is a bit slower than the other songs at the start, the vocals come in, which are also slower than the others. It’s an alright track, not a personal favorite or anything, but it’s decent, it does have a nice little pick-up near the end of the track though, which is good. Evie be hitting them high notes.

 The B-Side opens with the track “Shine” and hey, we seem to be getting into more pop sounding songs it would seem. Though, this song kind of reminds me of Black Gospel. Then it gets slow, and all the hype is gone. Then it is followed by “At the River of Jordan” and no, it’s not the Louvin Brothers song, but hey, it’s not a bad song, it’s actually one of the better tracks so far, just needs to be faster. Then comes “Don’t Run from Reality” and it’s a decent song, a little more fast paced, but still not something I’d listen to repeatedly. It’s then followed by the track “Home” and I wonder if by ‘Home‘ she means Heaven or like, a physical home? ‘Cause if you think of it, the lyrics ‘Home is where the son is‘ either home, (Heaven or physical) can have Jesus in either. This is a tricky track to solve. The album ends with the track “You Have Everything in Your Hands / Jesus I Love You” and it’s a slower song. It’s not the best, I kind of expected more from this album.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Live for Jesus
A2 – Hold On
A3 – Special Delivery
A4 – Never the Same Again
A5 – This Life

B1 – Shine
B2 – At the River of Jordan
B3 – Don’t Run from Reality
B4 – Home
B5 – You Have Everything in Your Hands / Jesus I Love You

Word Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Producer & Arranger – Pelle Karlsson
String Arrangements & ‘This Life’ – Peter Sandwall
Recorded & Mixed at Supreme Studio, Stockholm, Sweden
Engineer – Bo Goran ‘Boje’ Lundberg
Mixed with Aphex
Keyboards – Kjell Ohman, Peter Ljung & Pelle Karlsson
Guitar – Hasse Rosen, Janne Schaffer, Lasse Westman & Pelle Karlsson
Steel – Janne Lindgren
Bass – Sam Bengtsson
Drums – Roger Palm
Flute – Bjorn J:son Lindh
Harmonica – Luciano Mosetti
Mandolin – Pelle Karlsson
Oboe – Jan Holmgren
Strings – Members of the Swedish Radio Orchestra
Background Vocals – Inger Heinerborg, Evie Tornquist-Karlsson, Chris Palm & Pelle Karlsson
Visual Consultant – Anders Buhlund
Photography – Labe Allwin
Cover Design – Dennis Hill

Other Albums I Own by Evie:
A Little Song of Joy for My Little Friends
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