Little Evelyn – “Little Evelyn Sings for the Glory of God”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father, Who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16) “Little Evelyn” would be nothing more than a sparkle if physical stature geared the intensity of that light. But because of what she is, I am she would be a spot light. if measurement of that light were the issue.
Like most people, my first reaction to “Little Evelyn” was PITY. My heart went out to this little lady who sits 34 inches tall and has never walked a day in her life. She rolls around in a miniature wheel chair, manipulated by her feet. Like most women, she is conscious of weight and tries to keep herself at about 50 pounds. Shortly after birth, doctors diagnosed her physical condition as osteosclerosis. Her bones were so fragile, as a child she was carried to church on a pillow. Her childhood days were made up of trips in and out of the hospital with multiple fractures. The life expectancy for a person with this condition is short. “Little Evelyn” was not expected to live any longer than her early teen years. As usual, Evelyn has not been the ordinary case; she recently started on the second half of a century of “rolling” on this earth.
As I got to know Evelyn better, sight of her handicap became a background factor. My reaction grew from pity to ADMIRATION. I looked at my own abilities, drive and enthusiasm with access to a normal body in comparison to all this little gal was doing. I admired her limitless physical abilities. Many folks think she might live in a miniature house, but not so. Evelyn and her elderly parents share a comfortable twinplex. Only a wall separates the two living quarters, but Evelyn does all her own housework and all furnishings are normal size, except for a miniature stove, sink and refrigerator. She designs and makes all her own clothes, and there is nothing dull hanging in her closet. Evelyn goes all out for bright and attractive colors when designing her clothes. One room in her living quarters is a work-room where Evelyn turns out some of the most beautiful ceramics available. Her work is in constant demand, as well as her ability to teach others the art of ceramics.
From pity and admiration, my reaction grew to LOVE. One cannot help but admire a person who has made so much out of what should be a drawback to life. Her physical abilities seem minute though when a glance of her love and concern for others is shown. Many people go to Evelyn to share their own problems, call her up to remember special prayer requests, or to get encouragement. There is no fear that she may be down in the dumps, because if she is, it will be all hidden behind “the biggest smile in town”.
She’s a comedienne to little children with her tricks and facial expressions. She would probably be “Number-One-Favorite-Babysitter” if a vote were taken but her busy schedule does not allow for much of this type of work any longer. Little children love “Little Evelyn”! Teenagers sense in her life a reality which they long for, and a good many of her bookings in youth meetings where there is no ‘generation gap’. Teenagers lover her! Adults love her because of her deep sincerity to Christ. The moment she rolls into a room, the Holy Spirit radiates through her life like a neon sign. There is no room for self-pity, because Evelyn has a job to do for the Lord. One of those jobs is singing. Evelyn says: “I’m not a great singer”, but thousands have been blessed by her musical ministry. She has a powerful voice and people are often shocked that so much could come out of so little. In concert or church services, Evelyn has a regular accompanist, Ray Kaylor, who travels with her.
Evelyn does not leave reason for others to pity her, but her life demands admiration and love. Her life, abilities, talents and purpose for living can call be summed up in one phrase… “FOR THE GLORY OF GOD”.
Mrs. Lorne Matthews

Personal Review:
Alright. So, Little Evelyn Talbert. I’m pretty sure that Evelyn has the same disease that Marsha Fuller and the kid on Jerry D. Brown’s album have – I was pretty sure she also had what Justin Hines has… but turns out I was wrong. So the A-Side opens with the track “So Many Years” – and well, Evelyn does have a powerful voice – but as you can probably tell, she does have a voice that fits her image. Anyways, so the song is good, and she’s talented. Then comes the song “He Knows and He Cares” – and once again… it’s a good song, slow – which those who read this website know I like my Gospel a little faster paced. “Mansions Can’t Be Bought in Heaven” comes up next, and the more I listen the more the songs sound alike. I like Evelyn, I do, but I feel she should be doing more happy upbeat Gospel. (Jus’ Sayin’) anyways, so Evelyn goes onto sing the song “I Need a Touch” – but still does not improve on speed. Still talented though. She does go onto deliver a ever-so-fantastic version of “Amazing Grace” – so Kudos on that one Evelyn. So, that is the A-Side.

B-Side time! The opening track is called “My Testimony” (which was written by Evelyn) – which isn’t really a testimony. (Or, atleast I don’t think so.) HOLY ROLLERS BATMAN! She sped up! (I’m starting to feel that Evelyn sounds a lot like my late grandmother.) Anyways, “Jesus Would Love Me the Same” comes up next, aaaaand she slowed down. “This World is Not My Home” comes up next, (and it begs me to ask, where is your home Little Evelyn?) still slow, but rather entertaining. “Peace Everlasting” comes up next, and still slow, and then the album ends with the track “Unworthy”, well Evelyn is very worthy of fans, she is a talented woman.

Anyways, Evelyn Talbert died in 1986. I leave you with this.

Interesting Facts:  

Track Listing:
A1 – So Many Years
A2 – He Knows and He Cares
A3 – Mansions Can’t Be Bought in Heaven
A4 – I Need a Touch
A5 – Amazing Grace

B1 – My Testimony
B2 – Jesus Would Love Me the Same
B3 – This World is Not My Home
B4 – Peace Everlasting
B5 – Unworthy

Little Evelyn Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Recorded at Goodman Sound Studio, Madisonville, Kentucky
Engineer – Larry Malinger
Pianist – Ray Kaylor
Photography – Charles Letyler

Dedication – “To Mom and Dad for their constant resources of love, understanding, patience and sacrifice.”

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