Gary (Dee) Bradford – “Good Ole Gospel Music”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 Sincerely dedicated to Darrell & Beverly Bledsoe.

 We determine the kind of music we listen to by the inward thoughts of the heat. Fix your thoughs on what is true, good and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely.
 The mysterious beauty of music is one of the most powerful forces in the world today. It has a peculiar influence on our action, thinking and deeds.
 Music with divine inspiration can upgrade our thinking, strengthen our moral fiber and penetrate our manners and customs.
 Realizing this, the Bradford family has used Godly wisdom in determining the aims and direction of Gary Dee in attaining life’s goals. Gary was born without some physical attributes; for the lack of these, God saw fit to endow him with the better quality gifts often lacking in many others, While unable to exhibit the fancy footwork and stage presence of some singers, you will immediately appreciate the singing talent that is God-given, and Gary has endeavored to bring songs with a Christian message, filled with life and meaning.
 Listen and you will sense that the musical sounds are for the sole purpose of communicating Jesus Christ to a world desperately in need of Him.
 S.E. Lum, Jr.
 President, S.W.G.M.A.

Personal Review:
 So Gary, Gary is a good guy. Super nice, and extremely talented. This album features one of my favorite Gary songs, “Good Ole Gospel Music“.

 So, the album opens with the title track “Good Ole Gospel Music” and as I’ve said on the SWGMA Favorite review, the song is great, it opens with some pretty great bass playing followed by some banjo, all the while Gary sings and praises Jesus, and gospel music. Though, this version is different from the SWGMA Favorites version, Gary seems to hits a lot more of those high notes, and it is absolutely fantastic, and those back up singers are wonderful. “Feeling At Home in the Presence of Jesus” comes next, and it’s a slower song, but Gary’s vocals are just absolutely phenomenal, this is a kid who can sing! This song is pretty great. I like it. The organ playing in it is pretty great too. After that we go onto the song “Build My Mansion” and this is a song I’m quite familiar with, though, I still do not understand why everyone wants a mansion in Heaven? Gary sings this song amazingly, his delivery on the song is great, probably one of the best renditions of this song I have ever heard. Gary goes onto sing one of the most beautiful songs ever written, “Amazing Grace“, and Gary’s delivery on this song is soft, but beautiful, and the piano accompaniment is fantastic, the subtle guitar playing accents Gary’s voice. The musicianship on this track is so well constructed and fit perfectly with Gary’s vocals. The A-Side closes with the track “Didn’t He Shine”  and it seems to have that sort of, pop gospel, sound to it, the musicianship is pretty good, and Gary begins to sing, and boy can he sing! Every song Gary sings are just so beautifully delivered. His voice is so powerful, and beautiful.

 The B-Side opens with Gary singing the track “New Shoes” and once more, another upbeat Gospel song sung by someone very talented, Gary is just one of the most talented singers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and this guy is phenomenal, even with his high notes. The next song is one I believe Gary wrote, as there is not song credit, it’s titled “Two Hands” and it’s a softer, slower song, and Gary begins to sing, quietly, but it’s a good one. The backing music and vocals really accent Gary’s soft vocals in this song. After that we go onto the song “One of These Days” and it’s another slower track, but Gary does give some amazing vocals on this one, he even begins to hit some of those high notes. He begins to speed it up, and the organ and other instruments are just beyond superb. “Blessed Assurance” comes next, and once more it’s another slower track, but Gary continues to deliver these amazing tracks, Gary is one of the greatest gospel singers I’ve ever heard. The album closes with “My Tribute” and it is honestly a phenomenal version of this track, Gary delivers the chorus beautifully. I honestly cannot get over how great this album has been! Gary is so fantastic!

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Good Ole Gospel Music
A2 – Feeling At Home In The Presence Of Jesus
A3 – Build My Mansion
A4 – Amazing Grace
A5 – Didn’t He Shine

B1 – New Shoes
B2 – Two Hands
B3 – One Of These Days
B4 – Blessed Assurance
B5 – My Tribute

Ludwig Sound

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Arranger, Brass, Mixer, Organ, Piano & Strings – Glenn Adams
Banjo – Wilbur Huckabay
Bass Guitar – Gary Brown
Design – Jean Bradford
Drums – Gary Faust
Engineers – Charles Ludwig & Glenn Adams
Lead Guitar – Ernie Maxwell
Photography By – Donald Lum

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