Bill Salisbury – “The Adventures of Uncle Cousin”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
Bill Salisbury graduated from Davis and Elkins College in 1956 with a degree in history and in 1959 graduated from the Northeastern Bible Institute. He starteed working the same year with the Children’s Bible Fellowship of New York City directed by Winfield F. Ruelke. In 1964 Bill became the director of evangelism for this organization and became responsible for street and beach evangelism, setting up Bible clubs, production of “follow-up” material, children rallies, and special programs. In March of 1965 he toured the Caribbean as part of Ed Lyman’s team and in September returned with Ed to the Bahamas for more meetings. Bill is also the director of Children’s Activities for the Ed Lyman Concert Crusade.

Ed Lyman is a special guest on this recording. His voice is well known in Christian circles and his singing is heard in homes across the country on records and radio broadcasts. As a child he came to know Jesus Christ as his own personal Savior and as a result, he firmly aand definitely believes in child evangelism. One of the songs included. One of the songs included was written by Ed, “Jesus Came Down.” “Spings of Living Water” was recorded live with the Calvary Bible Church choir in Nassau on his recent trip to the Bahamas.

Personal Review:
How do I start this review? I’m not too big on Ed Lyman’s songs – However, Bill Salisbury’s ventriloquism is beyond amazing. The Grand Canyon piece is rather funny, especially when Uncle Cousin repeats his “trip” to the Canyon. Then the segment “Uncle Cousin Makes Excuses” literally had me rolling while laughing, especially the bit on Castro being a “dirty bearded man who speaks no english.”

Onto side two. I do find some of the material is a little “harsh” not saying it’s bad, but the line, “Uncle Cousin, you’re a dummy you’re not going to Heaven” scares me. I have to say, the songs on the B-Side didn’t meet my Gospel standards… So, Ed Lyman isn’t my thing.

Uncle Cousin sounds a lot like Bugs Bunny, and Bill, well Bill is still amazing at ventriloquism.

Track Listing:
A1 – Springs of Living Water (Song)
A2 – Uncle Cousin Visits the Grand Canyon (Story)
A3 – But Jesus Would (Song)
A4 – Uncle Cousin Makes Excuses (Story)

B1 – Uncle Cousin Visits the Fire Department (Story)
B2 – Jesus Came Down (Song)
B3 – Uncle Cousin Can’t Be Clean (Story)
B4 – When He Cometh (Song)
B5 – Uncle Cousin a Trusty Policeman

Interesting Fact:

“To Colin, the Lord bless you as you serve Him. Your friend Bill Salisbury”

Forge Records

Catalog Number:
SPR 7205

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
None Listed.

Other Albums I Own by Bill Salisbury:
Flyin’ High with Uncle Cousin
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