Dr. Al Lacy – “Clyde Hyde: The Mean Little Kid”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
The AL LACY – MACK EVANS CRUSADE TEAM is a regular feature at Calvary Heights. We have them in our church on a regular basis, year after year. The combination of Mr. Evan’s heart felt singing and Dr. Lacy’s powerful preaching always produces the salvation of precious souls and a great spiritual uplift to our people. There is a third member to this team who puts the icing on the cake. His name is DR. CLYDE HYDE.
 Dr. Hyde has a unique way of delightfully insulting people with his little acid mouth and making them love every minute of it. Children from one to a hundred-and-one are captivated by his quick with and rapid-fire insults.
 This little fellow has traveled all fifty states and many foreign lands attracting crowds and bringing them under the sound of the Gospel. Dr. Lacy estimates that since he began using Clyde in 1963, out of the tens of thousands that have been saved through his ministry, somewhere in the neighborhood of 7,000 souls have been saved as a direct result of attending the meetings just to hear and see Clyde. Certainly he is a vital member of the team. Clyde adds a bright spot to every service and is used effectively by the evangelist to soften hearts for the hearing of the Word of God.
 As you listen to this album, I believe it will add a bright spot to your day. So take a few minutes, turn on the record player, sit down and laugh along with us as we listen to Clyde Hyde, THE MEAN LITTLE KID!
 Dr. Carl Baugh
 Calvary Heights Baptist Temple
 St. Louis, Missouri

Personal Review:
So, I’ve always enjoyed ventriloquist records.
This one opens with Al Lacy talking about what had to go into this record to make it, where it was made, what Mack Evans role was. Oh, then he starts to preach. (naturally.) Dr. Lacy does have a nice voice. I’m definitely enjoying the message from Dr. Lacy. It reminds me of one of those public access cable preachers. Anyways, it’s followed by “Pastor Baugh’s New Suit” – and hey, you know. This is recorded live at Calvary Heights Baptist Temple. “Don’t clap folks, throw money!” and well, to say the least, Clyde Hyde and Dr. Al Lacy have the exact same voice. Carl Baugh looks like a movie star. Frankenstein. These insults aren’t that great. But hey, I’m actually laughing about this. I do enjoy the Liberace joke. Oh, and of course. Every single ventriloquist seems to do the song “Let the Son Shine In” – so far it’s not so bad. I do feel this is something that needs to be seen live. Anyways the A-Side closes with “Dr. Clyde Operates on a Face” – which opens with Clyde laughing hysterically. “Willis’ mother sent his photo to Ripley’s Believe or Not, they sent it back saying we don’t believe it!” – “What was Willis? Did a horse kick you in the face? or did you get ran over by a mack truck? or did someone set your face on fire and try to put it out with a axe?” the amount of insults on this album are quite impressive.

The B-Side opens with an intro by Carl Baugh again, with the track titled “Clyde Rotten a Song” – and well, Clyde has been on CBS, NBC and ABC. Wow. Someone gagged Clyde. Pastor Baugh gagged Clyde. Oh hey, so Clyde goes on with knock knock jokes and talking about how some lady is gonna lay an egg. It’s then followed by him singing a song about someone coming apart. It’s followed by “Smack Evans School of Music” – which is Clyde singing “Let the Son Shine In” again. I find this song is overly done with ventriloquists. I think I should get back to building my own ventriloquist dummy. They go on to talk about Mack Evans singing career. The album ends with “I Ain’t No Dummy” – which apparently shows that Clyde actually has a heart. “If you’re a good boy tonight, I’ll give you a shiny new quarter” “how about a dirty ol’ dollar?” – that got me, right there. They then go on to make dog jokes. Well, it’s a good listen. Not overly bad, not the best. But hey, it was enjoyable with some cheap laughs.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – A Message from Dr. Lacy
A2 – Pastor Baugh’s New Suit
A3 – Dr. Clyde Operates on a Face

B1 – Clyde Rotten a Song
B2 – Smack Evans School of Music
B3 – “I Ain’t No Dummy”

Artist’s Records Custom Division

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Engineer & Music – Mack Evans

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