Brandy ‘N’ Port – “Straight Up”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 So these guys, Brandy ‘N’ Port are local to me, and I got it for a lot of reasons, one I like celtic music, two, they’re local and three I like their outfits on the back cover.

 The album opens with the track “Brandy ‘N’ Port” – and it’s written by Danny, and according to the liner notes opens and closes all of their live performances. The vocals are absolutely amazing, and I’m actually loving this song and the entire musicianship, it’s a wonderful song to open the album to. “Memories of Shannon” comes next, and it’s a song about Pat Maher’s hometown of Shannon, QC, and well, once again, I’m two songs in and this group doesn’t seem to be letting me down. After that we go onto the song “Fields of Athenry” and it’s a bit slower, but still an overall good track. The vocals and musicianship on this track stand out, and are performed amazingly, it’s a really a great track. Up next comes the song “Belfast Mill“, and it’s performed greatly, and these guys are just tremendously talented with their songs. Then comes the song “Mary Mac” which is a pretty fast paced song, and it’s a lot of rhyming and words with that start with M. The A-Side closes with the song “Marshall Riley’s Army” and it’s an amazing track, I honestly need more records like this, because they’re great. The song itself is beyond amazing, and a terrific way to end the A-Side.

 Streets of New York” opens with B-Side, and it’s a pretty good song and a wonderful way to open the B-Side, the song is about a guy who goes to North America to become a cop. I like it. “Ferry Me Over” comes next, and it’s a bit of a slower song, with the whole group providing on the vocals and it’s not a bad track, it’s actually pretty good. “Sonny’s Dream” come next, and this song is a Canadian written one, and it’s pretty great, more upbeat than the previous track, I quite enjoy it. “Roseville Fair” comes next, and it’s a good one, it has a nice beat going and the vocals are just amazing, I’m really glad I bought this album. “Forty-Five Years” comes next, and it starts off a bit slowly but then picks up, and it’s a really good track, I’m absolutely loving this album. The album closes with the song “Step It Out Mary“, it starts off a bit slowly, but this song is pretty good, I’m liking it a lot and I do wish I could find more albums by these guys because this album is fantastic.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Brandy N’ Port
A2 – Memories of Shannon
A3 – Fields of Athenry
A4 – Belfast Mill
A5 – Mary Mac
A6 – Marshall Riley’s Army

B1 – Streets of New York
B2 – Ferry Me Over
B3 – Sonny’s Dream
B4 – Roseville Fair
B5 – Forty-Five Years
B6 – Step It Out Mary

Icicle Records

Catalog Number:
ICL 5020

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Bass, Guitar, Mandolin & Vocals – Pat Maher
Drums, Percussion & Vocals – Alec Long
6 & 12 String Guitars, Bass & Vocals – Danny Byrne
Produced by Brandy ‘N’ Port
Recorded at Snocan Studios, Ottawa
Engineer – Dave Dennison
Mixed by Dave Dennison, Pat Maher, Alec Long & Danny Byrne
Keyboards, Synthesizers & Accordian – Seamus Costello
Flute & Mandolin – Patrick Kelly
Flute & 5 String Banjo – Richard Linke
Photography – Jack Maher
Portrait & Cover Graphics – Mary Mayhew

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