Calvary Crusaders – “God Still Cares”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
The “CALVARY CRUSADERS” are a breath of fresh air in our generation. God has called them to a music ministry. The depths of their commitment and presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives and concerts causes them to stand head and shoulders above most singing groups.
 Their motto: “SALVATION IS FREE AND SO ARE WE” seems to be expressed in every action. The size of the church or financial remuneration is never considered, when deciding to accept a concert invitation. They have driven hundreds of miles to sing at their own expense, because they felt to leading of God.
 May the songs of this record touch your heart as they have mine. If you would like the group to pray for your salvation, rededication or strength to face a pressing problem write:
 Pastor Mark Headland
 The Calvary Crusaders
 199 Wall Street
 Spring City, PA. 19475

Personal Review:
 So, a long time ago I saw this album on another website, and when the opportunity to add it to my own collection came a long I jumped at the idea of owning it. So here it is.
 Rose Among the Thorns” and well, the vocals are definitely by Philadelphia born person, because they sound like The Dead Milkmen and they’re from Philly. The song is like cool and stuff, it’s not that. Interesting, very interesting. What am I listening to? Up next comes “He’s Still Working On Me” what is with this redundant piano playing, why are they singing all three at once, this music is really confusing. Whoa boy, he has a deep voice. Like, it’s good man. Deep. Oh, all three again. It’s like a barber shop quartet. This guy sounds really old, I think he is old. He reminds me of Michael Jeter from Sesame Street. I think his name was Mr. Pickles or something, no idea. “While the Ages Roll” follows next, and the musicianship is pretty chill and stuff, and it kind of like has like this country sound to it. Oh, this chorus is neat. Neat. I wonder what their other music sounds like. “What Sins Are You Talking About” follows next, and there is something about how this guy sings – it’s as if, like he is reading off of a lyric sheet and struggling to sing. Why is he doing this? “Jesus is Right” comes up next, and the guy singing sounds like he is Goofy, not like goofy in weird, but Goofy as in the Disney character Goofy, the Goofy that they made the movie about. Oh, this old guy can sing, he’s good I like him. The song was good too. The A-Side closes with “The Sun Will Be Shining in Glory Land” and I’m digging that steel guitar at the beginning of the song. Like, that is some cool stuff there. The song is a good way to end the A-Side. Yea, the vocals are nice.

 The B-Side opens up with “God Still Cares” and it’s the dude who sounds like Goofy again, you know the Goofy from Disney. That guy. Oh, and this song is the title track, and the opening piano was a lot like “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and what is with the vibrator vocals, like what is that? It’s full of vibrations. I like this song, just not the weird Goofy voices. Why does it sound like they are whispering now? This is really weird. All of these songs are really long. “He Will Roll You Over the Tides” and well, I forgot the guys name, I think it was Steven or Adam or something they were singing about in the beginning, but apparently he is being rolled. Ooh, that was a fancy threeway vocal thing they had going there. Pretty fancy piano playing. Baldwin sound has amazing vocal recording equipment. “Ready to Go” comes up next, and I dig this steel guitar playing with the piano, and the vocals aren’t bad, the longer you listen the more you start to like them, and they’re not bad or anything, just different. Yea. I like the threeway vocal things they keep doing. It ain’t bad. “Thank You, Lord” follows up next with the vibratory old guy singing, and there is one vocalist who is kinda between Goofy and vibratory voiced guy. His voice is my favorite. I think it’s the best. “One Day at a Time” comes up next, and it was one of my favorite Gospel songs, I prefer Gary’s version of the song as opposed to this one, but their threeway vocal thing on the chorus is pretty nice. I like it. The album ends with “Sweeter Each Day” and the singer is the one who I like, I bet you it’s the tall guy on the cover. He seems to be the one with the nice voice. Yea.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Rose Among the Thorns
A2 – He’s Still Working On Me
A3 – While the Ages Roll
A4 – What Sins Are You Talking About?
A5 – Jesus is Right
A6 – The Sun Will Be Shining in Glory Land

B1 – God Still Cares
B2 – He Will Roll You Over the Tide
B3 – Ready to Go
B4 – Thank You, Lord
B5 – One Day at a Time
B6 – Sweeter Each Day

Baldwin Sound Productions

Catalog Number:
CS 8359

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Lead – Harold Kulp
Baritone – Bill Bishop
Tenor – Ed Lockart
Piano – Bobby Murray
Bass Guitar – Ken Cox, Jr.
Rhythm Guitar – Tracy Rice & Ken Cox, Sr.
Steel Guitar – Timmy Russell
Lead Guitar – Bill Reed
Music Arranged & Directed by Ken Cox, Sr.
Drums – Bart Lee Adams
Engineers – Dave Still & Kent Baldwin

Other Albums I Own by The Calvary Crusaders:
How Great Tho Art
Monkey Song / Prayer and Bible Reading
Something Beautiful
When the Wagon Was New / What A Day That Will Be



  • J Kulp says:


    I was surprised to find this out on the web. This gospel group was founded and ran by my late Grandfather, Harold Kulp. He’s the one on the middle of the picture, and good chance the Goofy voice you’re talking about. Both his speaking and singing voice were certainly distinct, to say the least. My family still has a few copies of this and the other albums mentioned.

    It was neat to find this post out there, I’m glad to hear that after all this time, someone enjoyed it.


  • Tate says:

    People like you are the reason I do this site! I love to show people that their relatives music still continues to live on! I hope you weren’t offended by my referring to the voice as ‘goofy’ – I mean it all in good nature. I’ve got a good handful of his albums, and 45’s. The music on the albums are definitely enjoyable!

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