Chet Taylor Trio – “The Happy Man”

Aesthetically, that is a really pleasing cover. But also, it doubles as a spot the differences type of image. I’m back again, and today (tonight) we have the Chet Taylor Trio on American Artists Custom Records, I believe they’re from the Missouri, and that is most likely Chet in the center. It’s also dedicated to “The Missouri Regional Convention of the Full Gospel Business Men” – whatever that may be.

The album opens with “Comin’ of the Lord” – and it kind of has like a sort of Partridge Family vibe, or maybe just David Cassidy? I do really like this guys voice though, and hey, it’s not a bad song. I’m liking this so far. We go onto the next track which is “More Than Just a Swearword” (which I’m sure is two words) and it’s a female vocalists, who kinda has a Merle Fischer type of voice. I do prefer the real Merle, aaand the male vocalist on this one. Next is “Bring Back the Springtime” and it seems to still be the female vocalist, which a Discogs search tells me her name is Lilly Taylor, wife of Chet. This song is better than the last, a bit more upbeat and faster. Maybe this is a guy though. May it be Bill Pruitt? Or perhaps, Chet himself. Continuing on, we go onto “The Unseen Hand” which has that male vocalist again, accompanied by the supposed female vocalist, it’s not bad, slow, and decent. I’m enjoying this one so far. The A-Side ends with the track “Things are Gonna’ Be Better” – and I seem to be hearing a female vocalist in this one, plus the other two voices. So, one of these dudes sounds like a lady, but they still delivered a good A-Side. Onto the B!

The B-Side opens with the title track “The Happy Man” – and that’s an odd take with Gospel records, the titular track opening the B-Side. Chet (???) opens this one, and this is a pretty solid gospel album so far. Oh. So, the female sounding voice was a guy. Because the next song, “There’s Something in the Air” is sung by Lilly, this is definitely a female on vocals on this one. She’s got a great voice, by the way. “No One Else Can Lead Me Home” comes next, and this one features all three vocalists again, you know, I’m going to get to the bottom of who is who with the male vocals, because once again with a quick Discogs search, I can tell one of the vocalists is Bill Pruitt, whom I do have another album by. Good track though. Continuing on, we go to “Show Me the Way to Calvary” and it’s the opening vocalist once more, I like his voice. It’s slower, but relaxing, and Chet does have a great voice. Very enjoyable this track. Best of the album, so far. Lastly, the album closes with my favorite, “Ten Thousand Years” and, it does end up being the deeper voiced vocalist, and kind of like a trio act on this one. All in all, not my favorite version of the song, but this album has held up strongly.

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