Markey McCrae – “Markey”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 Markey travels with her husband, Paul. She sings and preaches at church, women’s clubs, and any other place where Christ can be promoted. Many of the songs Markey sings are of her own original compositions.
 If you would like Markey to minister in sermon and song to your group, organization, or church, you may contact: Paul McCrae %Markey’s Ministries, Inc., 1330 Sycamore Lane, Rantoul, Illinois, 61866 or phone [217] 898-9277.

Personal Review:
 Not so much an artist I know or any reason behind choosing this LP other than the fact it’s on the Crusade label.

 The album opens with the song “Born Again” and immediately we’re kicking it into some of the greatest musicianship by Bill Casolari and Markey, and hey, Markey is a pretty great singer, she kind of even reminds me of Denise Klahn, (not just for the fact Denise did this song, or the fact both are on the Crusade label.) The song itself is really well done. After that comes a song written by Markey herself, “Home in a Little While” follows, and I’m really digging this musicianship on this record so far, and her vocals, are simply stunning. Why do we not still have radio stations for this? We go onto the slower, but yet still lovely, “All of His Love” – and though it is a slower song, the vocals are still pretty great and the organ playing is pretty great, and we all know I love me some organs! It’s a pretty good song. We go onto “Dawning of Our Last Morning” – which was written by Markey, and I’m also pretty sure it’s a song about the end of the world, which is okay with me, because I really like songs about this subject. The album ends with the song “Calvary Isn’t Just Another Hill” and well, it’s a lot of piano playing and Markey’s vocals are good, a little repetitive, but still amazing as ever. So, need I really complain? I’m loving this album!

 The B-Side opens with a Markey written song, “As Sure As the Morning” – and well, the musicianship is great and once more, we’re hearing Markey’s extremely remarkable vocals, and she showcases her songwriting skills perfectly. We go onto the track “I’m Gettin’ Ready to Leave” and well, it’s another song about the world ending, and you know, when the second coming happens, all your ‘expenses will be paid‘ – which is great, right? I’d leave for that. I’m a little confused, is this song about the world ending or what? Like, the lyrics “You said I could come to you if I was ever in need, gonna pack up now gettin’ ready to leave” – what does that mean? “Sit Down On a Rainbow” follows next, and well, Markey is once more showcasing her talents, and the actual musicianship rocks – and her vocals are superb. “Resurrection Morning” comes next, and well, we’re experiencing a whole lot of great songs on one little album, and it’s a pretty great experience. The album concludes with the track “Come Unto Jesus” and we’re ending on a slow note, which for me, is never a good way for an album to end. It’s not a bad song, it’s pretty good. Just a little slow. All in all, a good album by another extremely talented musicians on the Crusade label – where on earth did they find these people? They’re all so great!

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Born Again
A2 – Home in a Little While
A3 – All of His Love
A4 – Dawning of Our Last Morning
A5 – Calvary Isn’t Just Another Hill

B1 – As Sure As the Morning
B2 – I’m Gettin’ Ready to Leave
B3 – Sit Down On a Rainbow
B4 – Resurrection Morning
B5 – Come Unto Jesus

Crusade Enterprises

Catalog Number:
LP S 1181

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Assisting Crusade Musician & Engineer – Bill Casolari
Recorded at Crusade Studios, Flora, Illinois

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  • Markey McCrae says:

    Hi Colin
    A friend found this posting whe googling my name and I was blown away. You have my fest album and I must say I appreciate the review.
    That album was cut in 1979 and was my very first.
    I have recorded three CDs in subsequent years, the last being in 2004.
    Your kind words are the only review I believe I have ever seen.
    By the way I now live in Indiana and still travel and sing so if anyone wants to contact me I am at

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