Chris Knight & Maureen McCormick – “Chris Knight & Maureen McCormick”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 So, firstly, Maureen and Chris played Marcia and Peter Brady on the 70’s TV show, ‘The Brady Bunch’ – this album was released two years before the shows ending. Maureen released several singles, and a album in 1995. Christopher released a single in ’73 also.

 Spread A Little Love Around” opens the album, and well, I’m definitely more partial to Maureen’s voice, the song is that cheesy 70’s love song, you know how it is, repetitive and stuff. Chris does not seem to provide much of the lyrics on this song. Then it’s followed by “Little Bird (Sing Your Song)” and once more, the song is mainly Maureen so far, she is definitely a good singer. I may just be saying this because I had a huge crush on Maureen at one point. The song is good, and Maureen has good vocals, as for Chris, he seems to be unheard on the first two tracks. After that comes “Hang On Baby” and this song sounds strikingly familiar, I think this song may be both of them – if Chris has female sounding vocals. This song is good though. Then Maureen sings “Ben” – and my god, it is absolutely amazing. This is one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs, though, I do prefer Crispin Glover’s version to MJ’s, but Maureen’s is pretty fantastic too! The A-Side ends with Chris singing “Over and Over” and well, it’s a pretty strong way to end the A-Side. Both actors are pretty good singers, both were talented on their show, and in singing too. Oh my, this guitar solo. It’s quite wonderful.

 The B-Side opens with the track “Just A Singin’ Alone” – sung by Maureen and well, she saw the boy with the “blue-grey eyes” – uhm, that is an odd color. The song is good, not the song I thought though. “Road to Love” follows next, sung as a duet, and it’s definitely an interesting listen. The vocals are pretty good, the two can definitely sing. “Tell Me Who You Love” comes next, and it’s quite a repetitive track, but it’s 70’s pop, and that’s how things were back then. It’s not a bad song, I definitely am enjoying this album. “There is Nothing More to Say” comes up next, and as most of the songs it is sung solely by Maureen, and well, she’s great. Chris is pretty good, but the album has very few songs with Chris. The album ends with the track “Good for Each Other” and it’s a duet, and it’s a pretty strong way to end the album, the both of them are pretty talented singers, which you wouldn’t expect, but hey! I really enjoyed this album!

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Spread a Little Love Around
A2 – Little Bird (Sing Your Song)
A3 – Hang On Baby
A4 – Ben
A5 – Over and Over

B1 – Just Singin’ Alone
B2 – Road to Love
B3 – Tell Me Who to Love
B4 – There is Nothing More to Say
B5 – Good for Each Other

Paramount Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Jackie Mills for Wednesday’s Child Productions
Arranged by Al Capps
Photography – Albert Mackenzie Watson

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