Fay Sims & the Scenicland Boys – “Songs from the Heart”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
If I had to describe Fay Sims in one sentence , it would be this: He is one of the best friends that there has ever been to people in Gospel Music. He has helped so many groups in so many ways, it would be impossible to list them all on this album.
 The first group that I sang with was passing through Chattanooga, Tennessee, when our bus broke down. Fay Sims came to our rescue and loaned us a car to travel in until our bus was repaired. I could go on naming ways he has helped the people in our business.
 The Scenic Land Boys has some of the finest singers you will hear in Gospel music and a band second to none. One song on this album, “Jesus is Right”, written by Shirley Cantrell, is a ‘hit’ song that will be around a long time. I think you will enjoy this album, so take it home, sit down and listen to Whitey, Tim, Stan and Fay, The Scenicland Boys sing “Songs From The Heart”.

 Elmer Cole

Personal Review:
 This album was another one of my very first thrift store Gospel music finds, I bought it due to the big guy in the direct center looking a lot like Ted Cassidy.

 The album opens with the track “Jesus is Right (For Whatever’s Wrong in Your Life)” and it starts with some nice piano playing and steel guitar playing, Fay Sims has a very distinct voice when he begins to sing, kind of high, with that country sound, and it’s not overly bad to hear. Then all of the Scenicland boys chime in, and it makes for a pretty good song to listen to. I’m actually really enjoying this song. After that comes “He Was There All the Time” and it starts off slow, but the vocals are so good on this album that it really doesn’t matter too much how slow the song is – and soon as that chorus hits, and all the Boys chime in, it becomes an absolutely amazing track. Definitely a pretty great album so far. Then comes “I’m Winging My Way” and that is a very interesting title, and this song is so great, it’s kind of like one of those 50’s vocal groups, where they have all the tenors, bass vocals, and altos, etc. It’s such a nice song to listen to. After that comes “What A Day” and it’s another slow song with amazing vocals by Fay Sims and the Scenicland boys. The A-Side closes with “The Gloryland Way” which is an instrumental, and what an instrumental it is! It’s the perfect way to close the A-Side.

 The B-Side begins with the song “Rise Again” – and it’s one of my favorite Gospel tracks, and it’s pretty great to hear Fay Sims and the Scenicland Boys sing this track, it’s a terrific way to open the B-Side, perfect. Then comes “Ready Now to Go” comes next, and it’s a pretty fast paced song, and it’s one of those songs I feel I could sing along to, ’cause I love these fast paced Gospel songs, these are what I live for right here. This album is one great song after another, it’s quite a great listen! Then comes the song “The Prodigal Son” – and what do you know? It’s another great track, the vocals are amazing, the piano playing by Terry Weeks is superb, I literally have not found one thing worth complaining about on this album. “‘Tis So Sweet” comes up next, it’s a bit slower, but it’s nothing overly terrible or anything, I quite enjoy the track, and I like it. It fits in quite right with all the fast paced songs and then the occasional slow song. The album ends with “We Do Not Die” and it is an excellent way to end the album as a whole, it’s not bad, it’s not too fast, it’s not too slow. It’s absolutely perfect.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Jesus is Right (For Whatever’s Wrong in Your Life)
A2 – He Was There All the Time
A3 – I’m Winging My Way
A4 – What a Day
A5 – The Gloryland Way (Instrumental)

B1 – Rise Again
B2 – Ready Now to Go
B3 – The Prodigal Son
B4 – ‘Tis So Sweet
B5 – We Do Not Die

Scenicland Record Productions

Catalog Number:
SB 1560

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Recorded at Pyramid Studio
Rhythm Guitar, Mellotron, Producer & Mixed by Elmer Cole
Engineer – Lee Peterzell
Photography – Stanrich Studio
Mastered by Masterfonics, Nashville, TN.
Piano – Terry Weeks
Bass – Dennis Cagle
Drums – Randy Davis
Steel Guitar – Jim Davis

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  • Tim Madaris says:

    This recording was made in 1979 just before we went on the road for summer
    We put it together in one night.

    What a great summer.
    I sang on that recording.

    Tim Madaris

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