GG Allin – “Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
For those that don’t know GG Allin, here is a brief history. He was born ‘Jesus Christ Allin’ – was a very angry young man, got into music, and was known for throwing his own feces and vomit at his audience, as well as assaulting them, oh, and eating and drinking his own bodily waste. This is his debut album.
So, the album opens with the song “Bored to Death” which is basically just being bored of life, GG is one vulgar guy. It’s kind of amusing to listen to him, this album is actually one of his better albums. Next comes “Beat, Beat, Beat” which whenever GG sings “Beat, Beat, Beat” it honestly sounds like he is shouting “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” – laughs were had. Not really sure what the song is about, but it’s cool. Then comes “One Man Army” – which is what GG used to refer to himself as, it’s another good punk song. Keep in mind, this is one of GG’s better albums too. When less of his songs were about killing and sex. “I’m a One Man Army, baby!” Then comes “Assface” – which has some pretty sweet guitar playing in it, it kind of overpowers GG’s vocals, causing it to just be almost an all guitar track with GG’s faint vocals in the background. “Assface running, that’s what you got.” – what does that even mean? Oh, and you know how the other album credits list three prostitutes and a guy named “Michael Todd“? They’re in the song “Pussy Summit Meeting” which is an intro to the song “Cheri Love Affair” – which is literally a song about GG buying 3 prostitutes for $100/piece. Oddly enough, if you block out the horrible female backing vocals by GG’s “prostitutes” and the fact the song is about prostitution, it’s an alright track. Pretty good musicianship. It’s also a pretty steady closing track.

B-Side, or as the label says, “the Death Side” – which opens with the track “Automatic” – which is another great GG track. The best line “Don’t go playing with me emotionally, or I’ll make you bleed internally” – that is the type of stuff you cannot get away in today’s music. Like, that is some deep stuff. Anyways, the guitaring once is great. GG’s chorus is totally amazing. Definitely love this song. Next up is another personal favorite song of mine, “I Need Adventure” – which has more of a power pop vibe to it, which that GG twist on it. You know, where he is singing about sex with multiple women… it’s followed up by my favorite GG Allin song of all time, “Don’t Talk to Me” – which is basically about GG’s ‘woman’ just never shutting up, and talking his ear off, and talking to everyone. The musicianship is great. GG’s vocals are amazing. The lyrics rock. The song is amazing. “You ought to have a case of bloody laryngitis, sitting in your room with no one here beside us, we’re sick and tired of listening to your moronic shit, why don’t you just shut your mouth and stop acting like a twit!” – best line ever. Anyways, it’s followed up by the track “Unpredictable” – which comes around as sounding pretty power pop again, I’m thinking it’s most likely the musicianship of the whole track. Not bashing it, just sounds a little pop-ish. The album itself closes with the track “1980’s Rock ‘N’ Roll” – which was kind of supposed to be an anthem for 1980’s rock music, it’s pretty good, steady closing track for the whole album.

Interesting Facts:
It’s on blue vinyl.

Track Listing:
A1 – Bored to Death
A2 – Beat, Beat, Beat
A3 – One Man Army
A4 – Assface
A5 – Pussy Summit Meeting
A6 – Cheri Love Affair

B1 – Automatic
B2 – I Need Adventure
B3 – Don’t Talk To Me
B4 – Unpredictable
B5 – 1980’s Rock ‘N’ Roll

Blitz Records

Catalog Number:
ORA 777

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by GG Allin
Associates Joel Raymond, Peter Suyama, Larry Feeney & Tom Bartlett
Recorded at Dancing Moose Studio – Bangor, ME
Destiny Studio – Wilmington, MA
N.C.S. – Auburn, NH
Engineered by John Stewart, Larry Feeney & Tom Bartlett
Mixing and Tape Editing by Tom Bartlett
Photography by Suzi Chaser

Back Up Vocals – David Peel, Johnny Voo-Doo, Ava Electris, Jeff & Dan Penney
Guitars – Jeff Penney, Peter Henault, Rob Basso & Johnny ‘Riot’ Fortin
Bass Guitars – Merle Allin, Carl Square & Alan Chapple
Drums – Bob MacKenzie & Kevin Allin
Piano – Tom Horrigan
Prostitutes – Becky Jorden, Kris Chalmers & Linda McDonnell
Representative – Michael Todd

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