Rikk Agnew – “All By Myself”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
This is for you Fullerton” the opening lines of the first track “O.C. Life” which is probably my most favorite track on this album, just for the lyrics and musicianship. “The Limits of your mind is where the county lines end!” – I’m sorry, there are just so many quotable lyrics. To be truly honest, I have all the lyrics written around my computer screen. Next up is the track “10” – which is quite amazing, simply because Rikk plays all the instruments on EVERY song. The song is good too though. Then comes another favorite of mine, “Yur 2 Late” – which is amazing, and has a great chorus – “You used to smile but now you don’t, but now you wanna be, but I won’t accept you. I reject you” – then the ending, where Rikk just keeps repeating “Yur 2 Late” – then next it’s “Everyday” which was co-written by Frank Agnew (Rikk’s brother, and co-bandmate in the Adolescents) – the song is more surf-punk over anything else, but I enjoy it. I like Rikk, he’s a talented musician. The A-Side closes with “One Shot” – which it’s opening sounds a lot like the opening from the film “What We Do is Secret” – but it’s not, because that is from a different album. Nevertheless, it is a good way to end the A-Side. We shall now see what the B-Side holds in store for all of us!

The B-Side opens with “Falling Out” – which just is amazing right from the start. May I remind you all that Rikk wrote 95% of the songs and music, as well as plays ALL the instruments AND does ALL the vocals on this album? This man has more talent and skill in one little finger than MOST of everyone who is in the music industry today. The song is great. Next up is “Surfside” which makes me wonder if Rikk surfs? or if he used to? Only Rikk will know. The opening music is amazing, followed by kickass lyrics. “Surfside Days, Destructive Ways!” – anyways, so the album so far is completely off the wall amazing, and we can only thank Rikk for that! “It’s Doing Something” is another great track, and just happens to be the next song! Next up is the song that is titled “Fast” – and is so fast, it’s like listening to the record on 78RPM but it actually being somewhat audible. (Which is not beat by Rikk’s song “This Song” on his album, “Emotional Vomit” – which comes in with a 7 second track time!) Anyways, the album closes with the 7 minute, 26 second song “Section 8” which turns out to be an amazing closing track.

In closing, I just want to say… Keep on rockin’ Rikk.

Interesting Facts:
It’s on orange vinyl.

Track Listing:
A1 – O.C. Life
A2 – 10
A3 – Yur 2 Late
A4 – Everyday
A5 – One Shot

B1 – Falling Out
B2 – Surfside
B3 – It’s Doing Something
B4 – Fast
B5 – Section 8

Frontier Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals – Rikk Agnew
Produced by Thom Wilson & Rikk Agnew
Engineered & Mixed by Thom Wilson
Cover Photo – Ed Colver
Mastered at K-Disc
Cover Design by Shellshock Graphics
Inner Sleeve by Linda Taylor
All Songs Written by Rikk Agnew, except “Everyday” which was cowritten with Frank Agnew
Recorded at Perspective Sound, Sun Valley
Art by Linda.
Special Thanks to Linda Taylor, Frank & Al Agnew, Jay Bentley, Todd Polidori, Jon Lee, Craig Lee, Markedens, Steve Braddock, Mike Vraney, Thom Wilson, Ed Colver, Glen Friedmann, Lisa Fancher, and “All the bands I’ve ever had the privilege to play in.”

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