Jeremy – “Loneliness is Such a Sad Affair”

The Sleeve:
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The Gatefold:

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
When you first hear Jeremy sing, you’re not sure if your ears are being totally honest. You stop, listen again, and then realize that what you are hearing is a sensitive, new, different and totally interesting sound. A voice that will be readily recognizable the very next time you hear it, whether it be on radio, records or tape.
 My first encounter with Jeremy’s vocalizing was on a sample tape Jimmy Krondes played for me at his studio, one night. It didn’t take long to hit Jimmy with a dozen or so questions along the lines of, “Who is he?”, what was he planning for Jeremy, and why didn’t he start Jeremy on his way to Superstardom? An album would be a good start… Needless to say, Jimmy got together with Vic Chirumbolo, formed CKI Records, and here are the results. Listen for yourself now to that versatile young man from Ireland, Canada and New York… Here is JEREMY… A talented musician and singer, composer, arranger, and a most entertaining performer.
 In this, his first album for CKI Records, JEREMY touches on one feeling we have all suffered and endured… That feeling of… loneliness… Listen, Relax and Enjoy, and if you start feeling lonely… call me.
 The Geeze

Personal Review:
 Um, not sure how to start this one. Jeremy is a lonely guy?

 So, the album opens with the title track “Loneliness is Such a Sad Affair” – and let me start by saying that the music sounds like that of which should be on an old Windows ’98 Midi File. It’s that electronic sounding, Jeremy begins to sing – and well, he has this deep growly voice, I am guessing that Jeremy’s last name is Taylor – because the song is credited to “J. Taylor & J. Krondes” and I doubt James Taylor wrote it. Anyways, as the song goes on and chorus picks up, so does the song, Jeremy proves he can sing good, but he seems to go back to that growl. Then he goes on to cover Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself” – and it starts off slow, then he hits the chorus – and it doesn’t pick up, the album is pretty flat, I gotta give the guy credit for going and recording an album though – Jimmy and Vic were apparently big names in music. I keep looking at that gatefold and seeing Jeremy peering back, and we just stare into each others eyes, getting lost in the drum playing of Nick Artsay. Next up is “Color My World” which has some pretty nice musicianship, and it’s an overall relaxing experience – then Jeremy begins to sing. The song is alright, but I prefer the actual music over the vocals. The A-Side ends with “At the End of a Rainbow” – and well, I still much prefer the musicianship – BUT – and this is a big but, the lyrics and vocals are good, I do like how it’s breaky a bit, and Jeremy does give it his all, and it does make for a good ending track for the A-Side. Those backing vocals, provided by Nick Artsay, once more, are pretty nice too. I like them for the fact, they’re kind of better than the actual vocals, but whoa, Jeremy is hitting some high notes and you know what, it’s pretty kick ass.

The B-Side opens with “Feelings” (and that sounds more odd than you’d ever know.) – the song is also, equally as odd as the sentence. Jeremy sounds like a man who has been through hell and back, and is barely surviving but chooses to sing about it. I do like Jeremy’s piano skills, he does have some mean piano playing and his high notes rock – other than that, there is not too much. “I Write the Songs” comes next, and of course, he has to cover a Barry Manilow song, however, this being a personal favorite of mine, Jeremy does provide a rather nice cover of it, though he does sound like the type of singer you’d see performing in a bar. Yup, this is probably the second best part of the album so far. Then comes “Listen for the Wind” and it’s another surprisingly good song, the musicianship is better than the singing, but soon as the chorus hits, Jeremy gets really into it and it becomes amazing. Then comes “Let Me Give You Love” (Okay.) it has a nice little beat going to it as it starts, I’m pretty sure I could slow dance to this song, someone bring me a slow dancing partner! Then we slowly fade back into the title track, “Loneliness is Such a Sad Affair (Reprise)” and it knocks at that burning question…

 Who hurt you? Who hurt you Jeremy?

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Lonliness Is Such a Sad Affair
A2 – All By Myself
A3 – Color My World
A4 – At the End of a Rainbow

B1 – Feelings
B2 – I Write the Songs
B3 – Listen for the Wind
B4 – Let Me Give You Love
B5 – Lonliness Is Such a Sad Affair (Reprise)

CKI Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Vocals, Piano, Organ, Bass, Synthesizer, Clarinet, Phase Shifted Organ & Bells – Jeremy
Drums, Bongos & Background Vocals – Nick Artsay
Recorded March & April 1976 at CKI Recording Studio, Darien, Connecticut
Producer & Engineer – Jimmy Krondes
Assistant Engineer – Ted Hammond
Mastering – Dominic Romeo, Frankford/Wayne Labs
Photography – Chuck Stewart
Art Director – Wally Caldwell
Creative Director – Vic Chirumbolo

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  • ET says:

    Hilarious! Thanks for sharing. My father was involved with the making of this album and you have NO IDEA how much your review has amused me.

    The title song is literally about this dude who eats a bunch of beans, takes off his dirty jeans, and then sits on his ex’s favorite chair. LOL!

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