Danny Deardorff & Marcus Joseph – “Deardorff & Joseph”

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Personal Review:
 Danny Deardorff is one of my favorite folk musicians, his albums are always really heartfelt and simply performed with the most talent that one could emit from their being.

 The album opens with the song “One More Story to Tell” and we immediately go into Danny singing while their is some guitar playing, and this guy is just terrific, and Marcus Joseph on backing vocals on this track is absolutely amazing. These two together are just amazing. Next up comes “We’ll Never Have to Say Goodbye Again” which is sung by Marcus Joseph at the start until the chorus comes around – and may I say, it’s phenomenal, and these two guys just belt out these amazing tracks. I cannot get over how great Danny is, and Marcus Joseph simply makes everything twice as good! We go on with the song “Chicago Blue” and Danny begins this song, and whoever is playing piano is great, the piano playing compliments Danny greatly, and the backing vocalists are amazing as well. Every song here is just played with such talent, and there is no way I can even begin to describe it. We continue with the track “Nighttime Love” and everything from the vocals, to the piano to the keyboard solo is just amazing, Marcus Joseph delivers fantastic vocals on this track, and they’re really good, I’d like to get more music from Marcus Joseph. The A-Side closes with a cover of Bob Welch’s “Sentimental Lady” sung by Marcus, and firstly, this song is a great one, but the vocal duet by these two very talented men just makes this song a million times better, Danny’s chorus is phenomenal, and the build up to the chorus blows me away every single time. I definitely want this version of this song to be my wedding dance song. Absolutely amazing.

 The B-Side opens with the track “The Castle” – and I just want to note that this song, and a few others were featured on Danny’s other album “Ma La Lady” (which features his wife, there is also a single by Deardorff & Joseph titled “Ma La Lady“) – and the vocals, piano playing and everything on this song are just all great. “Golden Road” comes next, and the opening keyboard playing is reminiscent of a bluesy style track, and Danny’s vocals are just great – this guy sure has a great voice, and it’s beyond amazing. “Lovely Lady” comes next, and it’s sung by Marcus, it’s a bit slower than my usual type of songs, but once more the musicianship is off the wall! “Sing My Song” comes next, and it’s performed by Danny, and the drumming in this song is just so great, and Danny’s vocals are really great, the lyrics are amazing. “Little Kings of Earth” ends the album, and well, the vocals and the usage of that moog synthesizer are stunning, Danny shows with just this one song that he is an extremely talented musician and just is crazy good.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – One More Story To Tell
A2 – We’ll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again
A3 – Chicago Blue
A4 – Nighttime Love
A5 – Sentimental Lady

B1 – The Castle
B2 – Golden Road
B3 – Lovely Lady
B4 – Sing My Song
B5 – Little Kings Of Earth


Catalog Number:
AL 4092

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Accordion – David Paich
Acoustic Guitar – Marcus Joseph
Arranged by Louie Shelton
Strings Arranged by David Paich, Jimmy Haskell & Marty Paich
Art Direction – Bob Lockhart
Backing Vocals – Bill Greenwood, Danny Deardorff, Edna Wright, Julia Tillman, Marcus Joseph & Maxine Willard
Bass – David Hungate, Louie Shelton & Mike Porcaro
Cover – Jim McCrary
Drums – David Kemper, David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, John Guerin & Ron Tutt
Engineer – Joseph Bogan
Flute – Jack Lenz
Guitar – Danny Seals, Dean Parks, Larry Rolando & Louie Shelton
Mandolin & Harmonica – Danny Deardorff
Mastered by Brian Gardner
Pedal Steel Guitar – J.D. Maness
Percussion – Joe Porcaro
Piano – David Paich & Tom Hensley
Producers – Jim Seals & Louie Shelton
Saxophone – Jim Horn & Steve Leeds
Moog Synthesizer – Bill Cuomo & David Paich
Written by Deardorff & Joseph except “We’ll Never Have to Say Goodbye” & “Sentimental Lady

Other Albums I Own by Deardorff & Joseph:
Ma La Lady / Ma La Lady
Sentimental Lady / Sentimental Lady

Other Albums I Own that Danny Deardorff Appears On:
Bill Sears – “Happy Ayyám-i-Há
Danny & Joyce – “Ma La Lady


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