Jiří Korn – “Magic Jet”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 I don’t even know where this record came from.

 The album opens with “Someone Else is On the Line” (“S Kým Teď Právě Hovor Máš“) and well, that instrument opening is rather weird, then Jiří begins to sing, and it’s definitely different, the chorus comes around and hey, it’s not bad. Who knows, maybe this is like a really cool record? Nah, it’s not. It is different. After that we go onto the song “My Banjo is Broken” (“Mé Banjo Je Vejpůl“) and well, it’s an interesting name for a song, and the vocals are alright, nothing overly special, they’re decent though. This really isn’t good music. After that comes the song “Sometimes I’m Down (Sometimes I’m Up)” (“Jednou Hůř, Jednou Líp” and it opens with soft, slow music and then some odd, offbeat spoken word, and Jiří’s voice is just different, so it makes it an discomforting experience. The song eventually starts, and it’s slow, and still uncomfortable. Oh, so we go onto the song “When I See You, I Go” (“Holky Krásný“) and it’s actually not all that bad, as long as you can get past the fact that Jiri sounds like Verne Troyer. “Long Live Rudy” (“Rudí Válí“) and well, we’re back to the music being blah, this album feels so long. The A-Side closes with the song “Master of Pop-Show” (“Není Nad Pop Show“) and it’s a dance track for sure, but it’s not that interesting, the backing music is good though.

 The B-Side opens with the song “Daisy” (“Kde Jsi“) which comes off as an electronic dance track, and it’s actually not all that bad, pretty decent actually. I think I could like this track, maybe. It’s alright! The album continues on with the track “Love You So” (“Míjím Cíl“) and it’s back to that weird music. It’s pretty dull. “Fairy-Tale” (“Seriál“) comes next, and well the musicianship seems to be pretty good, and then the vocals start, and they’re not all that bad either. This is a very hard album to have a sturdy opinion on. “Get On My Train” (“Pasažér“) comes next, and it’s decent, not overly special or anything just interesting I’d say? Who knows. We go onto the song “You’re Trickin’ Me” (“Trik Pouťový“) and it’s another dull song, nothing overly special again, the musicianship is mediocre, and the vocals are blah. The album ends with “(We’re Gonna Dance) And Have Some Fun” (“Doktor Jekyll A Pan Hyde“) which opens with some nice music, before going into the vocals, which aren’t all that bad, they’re pretty decent again. Nothing overly special to end the album, and the chorus is iffy. Anyways, that is this album.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Someone Else Is On The Line (S Kým Teď Právě Hovor Máš)
A2 – My Banjo Is Broken (Mé Banjo Je Vejpůl)
A3 – Sometimes I’m Down (Sometimes I’m Up) (Jednou Hůř, Jednou Líp)
A4 – When I See You, I Go (Holky Krásný)
A5 – Long Live Rudy (Rudí Válí)
A6 – Master Of Pop-Show (Není Nad Pop Show)

B1 – Daisy (Kde Jsi)
B2 – Love You So (Míjím Cíl)
B3 – Fairy-Tale (Seriál)
B4 – Get On My Train (Pasažér)
B5 – You’re Trickin’ Me (Trik Pouťový)
B6 – (We’re Gonna Dance) And Have Some Fun (Doktor Jekyll A Pan Hyde)


Catalog Number:
1113 3529

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Arranged By Bohuslav Ondráček, Eduard Parma, Jr., Michal David, Milan Vidlák, Ondřej Soukup & Vítězslav Hádl
Vocals – Jiří Korn, Lída Nopová & The Bezinky Vocal Group
Studio Orchestra Leaders – Ondřej Soukup & Vítězslav Hádl
Recording Directors – Květoslav Rohleder, Jan Spálený & Jan Svatoš
Recording Engineer – Karal Hodr
Recorded at the Supraphon Mozarteum Studio, Prague, in 1983 and in January 1984
Cover Photos & Design – Pavel Jasanský
Cover Editor – Vlastimila Vávrová

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