McCrary Five – “McCrary Five Praise God with Soul!”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 SAM, ALFRED, HOWARD, CHARITY AND LINDA McCRARY ARE FIVE OF THE happiest young people you have ever met and heard! They love to sing and have a song in their hearts everyday for their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
 …and they are singing everywhere!!
 High schools. public schools, college campuses, auditoriums, churches… people flock to hear them and are inspired by their unique sound, native to their race and their God.
 From coast to coast in Canada and the U.S.A. and overseas, their music abounds with rhythm and message loved by all of every race.
 Periodically they conduct tours overseas to Israel and other wonderful countries that you can join and hear great singing all the way.
 They have sung on countless radio stations, appeared on scores of television channels singing their music with zest and harmony unparalleled
 Their theme is “To Help Somebody” and they do this every day untiringly!
 Share this sound and message with someone else too! Their testimony and songs have helped reach hundreds for Christ.
 Reve. Doug Clarbe

Personal Review:
 So, this record had taunted me from the record shelf at Value Village for WEEKS, at first it was there, completely sealed – but moldy, then I saw it again with the shrink wrap opened now, still moldy. The third time it had no more shrink wrap – and yes, still molded. So, here it is in all of it’s glory.

 The album opens with “On the Other Side” there’s a little bit of piano tinkling, some nice female vocals then the whole group goes into some ‘boom-booms‘ and then the vocals start and you know what, I’ve always liked Gospel like this. This is my other favorite type of Gospel, there’s that country style southern Gospel, then there is what is called Black Gospel. It’s a pretty good way to open the album. Then comes the track “Happiness” which opens with some snapping, and then the girls singing, and these girls have pretty amazing voices. Then one of the male vocalists join in, with the other two backing and it’s pretty great. Like, it’s kind of like the Tyler Trio. After that comes the song “Saving Grace” and it starts off a bit repetitive, but then the vocals start off and they’re pretty cool. I’m definitely partial to the female vocalists majorly. It’s a pretty great song, I want more Black Gospel in my collection. Then comes the track “To Be Used of God” and I like the piano playing on this album, whoever it is rocks. This song though, is a little too slow for my liking sadly, and where are those fabulous female vocalists on this track? Yup. Too slow. Then comes the one Gospel song every single living person knows, “Oh Happy Day” and you know this one is a fabulous one, I absolutely love it! It’s like the Fifth Dimension and some smooth Gospel. Perfect way to end the A-Side!

 The B-Side opens with “Got to Be Free” and those amazing female vocalists come in again, and I’m like ‘wow’ because this album is way better than I had expected. It’s a pretty great way to open the B-Side. After that comes the song “Jesus Cares” which has that great piano playing and one of the female vocalists singing, and I still cannot get over how much I am liking this album so far. This song is pretty good too! “Joshua Fit the Battle” comes next, and I honestly love how they all sing the word ‘Jericho‘ they kinda add on an extra ‘oh’ on it, and well, there is one male vocalist who really stands out. He’s pretty great, I really need more albums by these guys. Then they actually go and sing the Fifth Dimension! “Let the Sun Shine In” and oh my gosh, this is actually the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. Holy gosh. “I’ve Got Confidence” comes up next, and I don’t know who this man is who is singing, but his voice is pretty great, this group is pretty fantastic. The album closes with the track “If I Can Help Somebody” and it’s a slower track, but still a pretty good one. It’s a good way to end the album.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – On the Other Side
A2 – Happiness
A3 – Saving Grace
A4 – To Be Used of God
A5 – Oh Happy Day

B1 – Got to Be Free
B2 – Jesus Cares
B3 – Joshua Fit the Battle
B4 – I’ve Got Confidence
B5 – If I Can Help Somebody

Verse Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Audio Engineer – John Krizancic
Bass – Norman Smith
Photographer – Wilda Ball
Drums – Jessie Carter
Technical Advisor – Dom Russo

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