Prince & the Revolution – “Purple Rain”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 Dig if u will the picture – of u and I engaged in a kiss. The sweat of your body covers me. Can u picture this, my darling? An ocean of violets engulf our persons. A bird screams. At 1st, I think it’s u and u thought it was me. Oh, if only violets could talk. Insecurities. Do u know who u are? Then it doesn’t matter who screamed 1st. Did it matter who ate of the apple 1st? The end result was negative. Can u pass me the pepper? Why, because u told me salt was bad 4 me. I thought u liked eggs. I thought u liked me. Well, eggs are the only thing I can make besides a baby. Why do u look at me like that? What are u thinking? I know u better than u think I do. There’s this purple suspicion that lurks in the anals of my mind that u and I are alike in more ways than 6. Can u relate? oh yeah? Then what’s the difference between a beautiful man and an ugly man with money? Nothing – as far as you’re concerned. Do u still want 2 spend the night? Good. Come on. U said u would wash my hair. Shall we go swimming 1st? U can’t swim. Wonderful. “I’ll teach u 2 swim, I’ll teach u 2 try, I’ll teach u 2 laugh, but not 2 cry. I’ll teach u 2 trust me when u think I lie, I’ll teach u 2 love me until we die.” It’s from a song I wrote. Do u believe that? U do? Well, I lied. I just made it up. Pretty good, huh. It’s not nice 2 lie. I think we’re on the right track. Shall I wash u 1st or shall u wash me?

Personal Review:
 So, we go onto a review of epic proportions. Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’.

The album opens with the song “Let’s Go Crazy” and it starts with that spoken word intro by Prince, and it slowly starts to have music, more and more of it guitars, drums, synthesizers and then Prince singing, and oh my God, I love Prince. The music is great. There’s even a choir! Holy that guitar solo and drum solo that ends the song. Then comes the song “Take Me With U” and once more Prince comes in singing as fabulous as ever. Prince’s voice is amazing. These songs are great too. I don’t know who this female vocalist is, but god damn, she’s great. We continue on with the song “The Beautiful Ones” which starts off very slow, and then I’m pretty sure that may not be Prince singing this track, it does sound like a woman, and not Prince, but maybe it is Prince? Who is this Revolution? The ending of the song is good. We go on with the song “Computer Blue” and I’m very confused by that opening, why is it weird like that? And it seems to be an ever so prolonged instrumental, and it’s not that great. We go onto the song “Darling Nikki” and well, the song is okay, it’s nothing over impressive, lots of Prince screaming, and it’s scary. I’m kind of confused by this song.

 The B-Side opens with “When Doves Cry” and it turns out I know more than just two songs on this album, this makes three with the song “Let’s Go Crazy” and the title track, Prince just gets right to with this song. It’s definitely a great way to open the B-Side. “I Would Die 4 U” comes next, and well, it’s softer and slower, but not bad at all. It’s decently good actually! I’m enjoying this, the songs seem a little mixed up, like they’re more than one song per song type of thing. The album continues on with the song “Baby I’m a Star” which can almost be completely missed if it wasn’t for the word baby being repeated over and over again, it’s an alright track. The album closes with my favorite Prince song “Purple Rain” which is just beyond amazing. This song features amazing vocals, lyrics and musicianship, and it’s just so full of deep meaning that I just absolutely adore it. Just an amazing song and a pretty good album.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Let’s Go Crazy
A2 – Take Me With U
A3 – The Beautiful Ones
A4 – Computer Blue
A5 – Darling Nikki

B1 – When Doves Cry
B2 – I Would Die 4 U
B3 – Baby I’m a Star
B4 – Purple Rain

Warner Bros.

Catalog Number:
92 51101

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Art Direction – Prince
Bass & Voice – Brown Mark
Design – Laura LiPuma
Guitar & Voice – Wendy Melvoin
Keyboards & Voice – Lisa Coleman & Matt Fink
Originally Mastered by Bernie Grundman
Makeup – Jayson Jefferys
On the Hair Side – Earl Jones
Rags by Louis and Vaughn & Marie France and Prince
Dust Sleeve Painting – Doug Handers
Percussion – Bobby Z
Additional Photography – Larry Williams
Front Cover Photo – Ed Thrasher & Associates
Photos – Larry Williams & Ron Slenzak
Producer, Arranged, Composed & Performed by Prince & The Revolution
Recorded by David Leonard, Susan Rogers, Peggy Mac, David Rivkin
Technician & Overdubs – David Leonard, Peggy Mac & Susan Rogers
Words & Music – Prince
Strings Arranged by Lisa Coleman, David Coleman, Novi Novog, Suzie Katayama & Prince
Cello – David Coleman & Suzie Katayama
Strings Conducted by Lisa Coleman & Wendy Melvoin
Female Vocals on “Take Me With U” – Apollonia
Violin & Viola – Novi Novog
“Computer Blue”; Words & Music – John L. Nelson, Lisa Coleman, Prince & Wendy Melvoin
Strings – David Coleman, Novi Novog & Suzie Katayama

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